Friday, May 14, 2010

Wouldn't You Know...

I wrote a couple of days ago that Haven doesn't point yet and then today she started pointing and has been pointing at people and things all day!! Probably because I've been making it a point to point at things more often now when telling her what they are!  Sometimes she has a little trouble holding the second finger down, lol, so it looks like she's giving "peace" signs and other times she has no problem! :)

Also I said she stopped saying "mama" and now she's been saying "mmmmm" a lot the last few days!  Hey, it's a start, I'll take it! :)  I also got her to say "teeth" this morning while she was playing with me teeth!  But then Daddy woke up and all she'd say is "Dada!  Dada! Dada!"  lol

Also, today is my 26th birthday!  Which is cool because I'm not going to lie, I thought I was already 26 for quite a bit of last year, LOL!  Hey, I've got a lot going on, haha!  Jason is always asking me how old he is, so I'm not the only one!

I like to reflect on my birthday and make goals for the next year.  I have NOT done a thing with my New Year's resolutions, so I'll probably just re-evaluate them and actually try to follow through this time!

I am having an incredibly hard time with getting rid of the baby stuff.  My garage sale is next weekend and while I'm putting things together, I keep getting super-overwhelmed and have to leave it and go back to doing something else for a while.  It's really hard on me.  I hope I don't break down crying when someone tries to buy my things!  Hmmmm..... yeah, that's probably going to happen since I am getting emotional right now just thinking about it! :(  Jason is very cold and uncaring about the whole situation, which does not help matters out!  Seriously, I just want ONE more, that's it, is it really that bad?!

We are going camping this weekend!  It's rained ALL week and has been kind of cold, so I'm really hoping that it dries up and gets warm!!!  We went camping last year for my birthday as well (while 21 weeks prego) and though hiking was fun, the night was FREEZING!!!  Luckily it's not far at all from where we live so Haven and I can come home and sleep if necessary!  Oh my gosh, lol, I just looked at my post with pics from last year!  Venily was soooo little, haha!  And that HAIR!!  Oh so funny!


  1. Happy Birthday!! :) Funny how when you are a kid, you know EXACTLY how old you are - "I'm 10 and a quarter!" - but when you get older, you have a hard time remembering! (Gairod and I always forget how old we are too!)

    I'm sorry that Jason isn't budging on the baby thing. :( If it will help, you can tell him that at least you only want 3 kids, not 6 like this crazy lady you know on the internet! LOL! But seriously, do you HAVE to get rid of your baby stuff right now? Can you just keep it for a while longer, even if he doesn't want any more kids?!

    Have fun camping! :)

  2. Haha! I can only imagine the person's reaction when you start crying while they're handing you the money for your baby stuff! They'll be like "ok ok lady I'll give you another dollar"! LOL!! I've always said I only want 2 kids so I cant wait for the day I can sell baby stuff! Gotta make room for their big girl stuff! =)

  3. Jenn- He is obsessed with getting rid of things, even things that we still need! My step-dad said I could put some stuff in his garage and Jason STILL says no way! I think he doesn't want me to get my hopes up at all!

    Alisha- I am excited about the "big girl" stage, I think about it all the time and how much fun it'll be, I just don't feel DONE with the baby stage. I really think one more would get it out of my system! Too bad Jason doesn't feel the same way!