Tuesday, May 11, 2010

7.5 months

Haven is now 7 1/2 months old!!!  She's getting to be such a big girl!  What is she up to now?

Well, she has shown no real increase in crawling lately.  She has the crawl stance down and will move forward a couple of "steps" but then lays down on her stomach and gets mad if something is out of reach, lol!  She also likes to move forward by pushing her legs off of something behind her or grabbing onto something and pulling herself forward!  She'll get it sooner or later!  She much prefers standing though, she loves it!  She is up to about 30 seconds at a time, standing all by herself!  She pulls up on me to stand too.  She's got pretty good balance, but is oblivious to the danger of just letting go.  She tries to take steps towards me sometimes.  She walks when I hold her hands and loves to "walk" around after Venily as well! :)  I think that will be a big motivator when she's ready to walk, to chase after her big sister!  I am hoping we skip crawling and go right to walking, that would be nice!

She is teething really badly again!  She even bit her finger on Sunday and there was blood everywhere! :(  I wish I knew how to help.  She likes biting on toothbrushes and teething things, but that only works for so long.  I have to be careful because she'll just come up to me and bite my arms or legs now too and leave 2 little indents!  And she is still occasionally biting while nursing!  Her right bottom next to her other tooth is a little swollen, but I don't really see the teeth being all that close, so we might be in for a while of this! :(

She is a little dare-devil, thrill-seeker and LOVES to be put upside down and spun around and thrown up high in the air! :)  That's the Daddy in her!

Her favorite song right now is "If you're happy and you know it".  She gets really excited and starts clapping her hands (even when she's supposed to stomp her feet, or shout Hooray!) haha.  She claps her hands when she hears an audience on t.v. clapping as well! :)

She continues to say "Dada" a lot and hasn't said "Mama" in a while! :(  Venily did the same thing, it doesn't seem fair! She also LOVES to say "hi" and wave to anyone and everyone!  She is also still saying "ball" a lot and attempting to say other words too!

She has a new happy squeal now too!  Very cute!

She's been pulling my hair and scratching a lot more now too, especially when tired or nursing.  I have to cut her nails A LOT and file them as well or my whole chest and neck will have scratch marks all over it and it HURTS!!

She's been trying to pull up in her crib and whenever I go in there to get her, she has the bumper pulled down and is looking for me, haha!  She's been trying to pull up on other things as well.  So far she hasn't fallen or bumped her head... I remember I hated that when Venily was learning how to pull up on things/ stand/ walk! I know that is coming soon! :(  I need to get some pipe covers and duct tape to line around my tables b/c they are hard and metal!!

She is still obsessed with eating little things off the floor, EXACTLY how Venily was!  She can spot a crumb from across the room.  She also loves to eat pieces of my hair that are lying around, GROSS!  I have to vacuum almost every day, I'm so glad we don't have a dog or cat, haha!

Her newest favorite toys are BABY DOLLS!!!!  She LOVES, LOVES, LOVES them!!!  Especially the eyes (b/c they open and close)!  She is attempting to say "eye" as well.  She likes to give them kisses too!  I think I've passed my obsession with babies onto my kids, haha, I will be expecting a lot of grandchildren! :)

Oh!  And the spitting up is VERY minimal lately!  Like a few drops a day now!!!

I was reading through Venily's posts from 7 months and she was starting to pull herself up on things right about now, saying "dada", "kitty", and "ball", pointing (which Haven doesn't do yet), a couple of days from now, she started crawling, eating mostly finger foods, and did all the same tricks Haven knows (clapping, waving and saying "hi", doing so big, etc.), but she wasn't standing independently yet or signing "eat" until about a month from now!

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