Thursday, May 27, 2010


So, ever since I started giving Haven Poli-vi-sol with Iron, she's been getting constipated.  I've never had to deal with this before since Venily had the exact opposite problem from like 6m-19m.  Haven gets iron in her cereal as well, so maybe she is getting too much iron?  There has been a whole day that will go by sometimes where she doesn't poop.  And when she does, she cries and only goes a little bit at a time.  And this may be WAY too much info, but today she was screaming so bad while I was changing her and I could see she was still trying to go and then it hurt so bad, she'd stop herself so I literally pulled it out with my bare hands, which helped tremendously because I got a lot out!  (LOL, I totally remember reading about a mom doing that in my AP English class (Sula by Toni Morrison) and I thought it was the stupidest book ever and now I can finally appreciate what the woman did!).

Any suggestions?  I'm going to stop giving her the Poli-vi-Sol with Iron for a while and maybe just buy the regular kind and hope that helps.  She already eats a lot of fruits and vegetables but I'll probably buy prunes I guess?  And I know juice is supposed to help, but I think I've only given her juice once and that was a LONG time ago, so I'll have to get some of that as well.   And then I'll ask her pediatrician about it next month when she goes in for her checkup.  I might even have her write me a prescription for vitamins anyway since I want her to have one with fluoride and I can only get that by prescription and see is she still wants me to give her one with iron in it as well!                   


  1. Sage was having constipation problems a few weeks ago! SAME thing - she would not go for a day or two, then when I was changing her she would be trying so hard and I would have to help her get it out! lol!
    I got some prunes for her - not sure if they actually helped or not. She seems to be okay now, for her, I think it was just her body getting used to eating a bit more solids. Sorry, I really don't have any advise! lol!

  2. Hahaha! Isn't it funny the things you do for your kids? The other night I forgot to brush Carlie's teeth before tucking her in to bed so I brought her toothbrush and paste to her in bed and while she was brushing I realized I didn't bring a cup for her to spit into so.... I just held out my cupped hand and told her to spit in it. My hubby thought I was growse. I was like, "who cares!"

  3. LOL, glad that I'm not the only one doing gross things! Haha, the funny thing is that it didn't even phase me at all, I just wanted her to feel better! :)