Sunday, May 16, 2010


We went camping at Bong this weekend with the girls and the rest of our family.  It was a lot of fun!  Beautiful weather during the day so we were able to hike, bike, fish, and sit around the campfire and cook Veggie Dogs and S'mores!  We tried out our new huge tent for the first time and I LOVE it, it was like we had our own cabin, lol!  We fit a queen sized mattress, a toddler sized mattress, a pack and play, all our stuff and still had a huge area left over!  Venily had so much fun running all around, shes a good camper for sure, even drops her pants to pee in the grass without a second thought, haha!

Last night was COLD though so when we went to bed  (Venily was out within seconds since she didn't nap during the day) I was up for quite some time trying to figure out what I was going to do.  Jason forgot my sleeping bag, so all I had was a thin blanket that I had brought for Venily, in addition to a few other blankets I brought for her.  Jason told me 50 times that he'd run back and grab it, but I had Haven sleeping on my chest to keep her warm and she was fidgety and sniffly from a slight cold that she had woken up with, so I just decided to take her home for the night.  We got home around 11pm, and it was SOOO nice to be in our nice, warm beds, lol!  I grew up camping all the time in a big camper with my grandparents, so tent camping is not really so much my style! haha.  Someday we'll own a big camper....

 Haven and I woke up and returned back to our campsite in the morning for breakfast.  Jason said that Venily did AMAZING last night, I'm so proud of her!  The only major problem the whole time was that we found a TICK on Venily.  We had found a few throughout the day, but this one was actually latched on the back of her neck!  I honestly almost lost it!!!  It wasn't buried into her skin, but when Jason pulled it off, he actually had to pull it off!  Ahhhhh!  Luckily my MIL had read a sign up that said the different kinds of ticks and the only ones we'd have to really worry about are deer ticks and it wasn't a deer tick, in fact, they had never had a sighting of deer ticks at that park!!  Thank goodness!  Still... if Venily had had darker hair, we probably would never have seen it!  Gotta love Wisconsin!!

Jason has made up his mind that we are going to go camping every month for the rest of the summer/early fall and is already psyched up about camping next month!  I'm pretty sure he won't be picking anywhere that I can just drive home at night next time, so hopefully we get some warmer nights!  Or maybe I can convince him to let us borrow my grandparents' camper, which by the way has a separate bedroom, bathroom and the main area has 2 couches and a table that turn into beds AND one whole side move out to make it even bigger! :)  Now THAT is camping!

Update:  I just found a fricken tick in my ear!  I was feeling my ear and I felt something and I said to Jason "Oh F$#@!  There's a tick in my ear".  I just knew.  Sure enough, Jason pulled it off and it was!  I refused to look at it, but he looked it up online and it was for sure a wood tick.  He left a little bite mark on my ear as well!  DISGUSTING!!!!  How is it that I've been camping all my life and never had a tick before today?!   And Venily and I BOTH get one?!  Yuck, yuck, yuck!


  1. Heeby Jeebies! I got goose bumps just reading about your ticks! The Deep Woods Off! prevents Ticks, mosquitoes and those pesky biting gnats. We have a big tent that we've only used once! Maybe we could go camping with you guys sometime this summer?!

  2. The weird thing is that as soon as Venily had that tick on her, we all sprayed ourselves down with Deep Woods Off! And I made extra sure to spray my neck, but must have missed my ears! YUCK! I get so grossed out thinking about it and what if it had went INTO my ear...

    but, YES, we should definitely all going camping this summer when it gets warm out!!