Friday, May 28, 2010


Before I forget, Haven took 5 steps on Wednesday!  I am very excited!  I can't wait for her to stop crawling and start walking- she is relentless in eating every speck on the floor and I'm hoping being up off the ground will help her out!  She's like a little baby vacuum!

"Mama" has also become her favorite word over the last few days!  She LOVES, LOVES, LOVES her Mama! ♥

AND I got a new camera today!  I wanted a new camera 2 years ago and Jason got me a huge, clunky thing that I couldn't take pictures outside with or they wouldn't work.  So I've been using that and my old, old 7.1mp camera for a year and a half now.  Well, he sold my newer one so I was able to buy the one I REALLY wanted!  I'M SO EXCITED!!!  It's 14mp and cute and tiny and takes GREAT videos that I can zoom in and out during and it was a GREAT deal!  I bought it for LESS than I sold my other camera for!  LOL, I know people usually get excited about buying nice, expensive cameras but I'm just so happy to have a nice, cheap camera that works well and I can bring with me everywhere I go! :)

(p.s. I had to stop mid writing to go take a leaf speck out of Haven's mouth and put her BACK on the other side of the living room AGAIN, haha!... And now she crawled over and is pulling up on me saying "Mama, Mama!"  Guess I better go!) :)

We can't wait for Chocolate Fest this weekend!!!!!  Venily is so excited to go see her Daddy doing sound and watching the parade and petting the animals at the petting zoo part... and eating lots of chocolate of course! :)

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  1. I know....I use my big camera at home, in the backyard etc. because photography is my hobby and I LOVE playing with filters and lenses and stuff, but when we go out I just throw my husbands tiny camera in my purse because otherwise I need a whole other bag just for the camera, LOL!