Friday, May 21, 2010

We're getting somewhere!

Yesterday Haven showed marked improvement in the "moving in the forward direction" department.  I don't think I'd classify it as crawling though, lol, Jason called it "very unorthodox crawling," haha.  I'm curious to see if she continues to do it today, she's still sleeping right now!  She still really prefers to stand though.  And will often spit up (really the only time she does anymore) while trying to crawl.  Any time she's near me, she is constantly pulling up on me to stand, and is instantly so much happier.  We have our rummage sale today and it's been raining and is supposed to rain all day, so she may not get much of a chance to crawl around!

Oh, and another Haven thing I forgot to write about!  She is waking up EVERY SINGLE NIGHT lately!  It's driving me nuts!  I just nurse her and she falls right back to sleep, but it still makes me so much more tired in the mornings, she usually gets up around 1am and is back to sleep 15-20 minutes later, uhhhh!  I know I shouldn't get her in the habit of eating in the night, but I'm just WAY too tired to try anything else!  I hope it stops soon! (Usually just by writing it down, it miraculously changes, so that's what I'm hoping! :)  )

P.S.  If there is any way to freeze her in time at 7 months old, please tell me!  I'm not ready for 8 months!!!!

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