Sunday, May 16, 2010

Haven randoms

I noticed that when Haven points, her pointer fingers are all crooked just like her Aunt Lisa's!!  LOL!

We moved Haven into a big girl car seat this last week.  She loves it!!  We gave her Venily's carseat and we are now using Venily's spare car seat for her.  We are still on the lookout for a new carseat for either of the girls though!

I remember now when I actually WANTED Venily to start crawling and I have hit that point with Haven now.  She is getting very frustrated that she can't crawl and gets mad.  She can schooch or roll her way over to something after a while but knows there has to be an easier way so she gets frustrated and starts yelling about it!

However, she has been TAKING STEPS towards me while standing the last few days!!!  Before she'd take one and now she's up to about 3 steps toward me!  I have to get it on video!  She very well may walk before she crawls, haha!

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