Thursday, May 6, 2010


Jason and I went to the dentist yesterday morning.  We both had appointments at the same time, but for some reason brought Haven and left Venily with my mom.  I don't know why, but I just can't bear to leave Haven.  I've only left her with Jason twice ever, and the longest of those two times was 3 hours!  She goes long periods of time between nursing so there is no reason why I couldn't leave her, but I just can't!

Haven was very good about 95% of the time!  She waved and smiled at every single person she saw, so everyone was cracking up at her!  There are a lot of things that Haven does that remind me so much of Venily, that is one of them! :)  I took Haven with me at first and she sat in her umbrella stroller playing with toys for a while.  Then she started crying and there wasn't much I could do since I was getting my teeth cleaned.  I knew she was tired.  Luckily Jason heard her from across the building and came in and took her.  I couldn't hear her, so I was really nervous the rest of the time, but the dentist assistant would go and check on her and report back to me every so often, lol.  I guess the dentist gave her a toothbrush and Jason said she spent the whole time with him happily brushing her teeth, haha!  When I finished getting my teeth cleaned and looked at by the dentist (NO CAVITIES even though I haven't gotten a cleaning in like 2 years!  Yay!), I took Haven back!

I spoke with the dental assistant about when I should have Venily in for her first cleaning.  She said around 3-4 years old so I'm going to attempt to bring her in around her 3rd birthday for a cleaning!  She knows about the dentist and what they do, so I'm hoping to keep talking to her about it for the next 6 months so she's not afraid, but I don't know!  Especially if it's a guy, she's going to be really shy!

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