Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I feel like we are moving 100mph!

I wish it'd slow down!  Haven, Venily, the whole thing!  Growing up way too darn fast!

I asked Haven where Venily was today, she turned and pointed right at her.  We were reading books (Haven LOVES books right now) and I asked Haven where the kitty was and she pointed to the kitty and tried to say "kitty".  Later we were playing on the floor and I gave her a little toy duck and asked her where the duck was, she turned around and pointed across the room.  I didn't know what she was doing so I'm like "no, the duck is right here" and I showed it to her again.  She determinately kept pointing somewhere else.  When I followed her little finger with my eyes, I saw that she was in fact pointing to her FAVORITE duck, lol!

She also cruised along the entire side of the couch today by herself and is up to independently standing for a minute at a time, sometimes even longer if she's focused and not distracted!

And because this was too cute not to document somehow, Jason and I were sitting on the couch watching t.v. while Venily was sleeping and Haven was playing on the floor.  And Jason says "She's seriously the most beautiful baby I've ever seen."  And I smile and get teary-eyed because he catches me off guard when he says things like that and then he goes on to say "the other day I was looking at her and she was so beautiful, she didn't even look real.  I couldn't even believe she was actually our daughter.  She looks like a vampire baby or something.  She's just so perfect.  Just look at her...."  It's hard for me not to cry when he says things like that!  He's always going on and on about how beautiful and perfect and smart both the girls are!  There's nothing sexier than a guy who loves and adores his children!  ♥ I love it!  And then of course I try to steer his thoughts to 'hey, we have 2 beautiful, smart, perfect children, wouldn't you want to have another?'  Unfortunately it never works! :(  LOL!

I have some updates on Venily as well that I've been meaning to put up!  She now recognizes all her uppercase AND lowercase letters (though sometimes gets like "b and d" or "p and q" mixed up).  She knows a lot of the sounds they make and can draw a few of them.  She can count to 10 in Spanish and is always counting things in English AND Spanish! haha.  She is back on a baby-kick that had taken a break for a few months.  She got some new clothes for Baby Vecky so now that's her favorite baby!!  She is also back to CONSISTENTLY taking an afternoon nap every single day and has done so for a while now.  I feel so lucky, she was definitely trying to phase it out for a while there, but now she'll sometimes take up to a 3.5 hour nap!  However, we are still putting her to bed at 7:30pm but she won't actually fall asleep until closer to 8:30pm and is still waking up between 5:30am- 6:30am every single morning!  She continues to be shy at first and then super outgoing at the park.  The other day she was there and made friends with a 10 year old girl that she had doing all sorts of things with her!  She'd be like "Hey girl, come down the slide with me again!"  And they played together for a long time, it was so cute!!  She seems to really like older girls!  Hmmm... will have to do more updates later, little Haven-lilies is awake from her nap! :)

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