Saturday, May 22, 2010

Haven crawling

I love it!  I love watching her finally figure something out that she's been working on for a while!  She now knows that yelling and bobbing up and down do nothing, she is no closer to the toy she wanted than when she started.  But..... if she gets up on her hands and knees and pushes off a little, she can get it! :)  So now she does!!  She is still a little unsure of herself and will get mad if a toy is too far away because 'Come on, Mom, I can't go THAT far!', but if it's close enough now, she goes for it!  She makes her way across the room like this when she's determined.  But whenever I take out the camera, she stops.  It actually took me a while to find something that she wanted badly enough to make her crawl for it on video, haha.... toys, cells phones, remotes, ALL didn't work, she'd just roll her way over to something else! :)

Don't get me wrong, I'm still not ready for it.  I stayed up in bed last night with so much anxiety about how I'm going to keep all of Venily's little rings, toys, game pieces, hair clips, etc. out of Haven's reach when she has the whole house to roam.... Haven has an intense desire to put little things in her mouth (as did Venily) and I'm so scared she's going to choke on something!!  How am I going to fit more cleaning into my schedule?  Am I going to need to lock Venily's bedroom door during the day?  Where am I going to put Haven while I'm in the basement?  Should I just get rid of EVERYTHING small.... is that fair to Venily?  How do I watch a mobile baby AND a toddler at the beach in the summer?... LOL!  I know, I had so many anxieties while I was pregnant with Haven and NONE of them were ever even an issue, but it's in my nature to always worry!!  I think this is one of the times when there age difference is coming into play.  Venily is old enough to KNOW that Haven can't have certain things, but she doesn't quite understand WHY and she is likely to forget often.  Also, she is currently in a 'not-liking to clean up after herself' stage! 


  1. I keep toys that have small peices in bins on the top shelf of Carlie's closet. She gets to play with them during her quiet time (since she doesn't realy nap anymore) in her bedroom and we pick them up when it's over. Crayons are stored out of both of their reach, and when it's time to color I set her up at the table where Mason can't reach her stuff. All it took was some evaluating and rearranging and it hasn't been an issue. Plus, Carlie tends to freak out if Mason is even touching anything of hers in the first place, so I usually have ample warning that something may be about to go in his mouth, LOL!

  2. That's a good idea! Within the last couple of days, Haven is EVERYWHERE now and with a lot more speed so I'm going to have to go through everything and babyproof. I think I'm going to put Venily's storage shelves (that she can reach) back into her closet (which has a lock on it) and put anything small in there!