Sunday, December 27, 2009

Haven is 3 Months Old!!

Where does the time go? She's already 1/4 of a year old!! Each month that passes makes me want another baby even more!! (or at least another Haven!) ;)

Here are her 3 month stats:

Weight: about 15lbs, 12oz (she was 15lbs, 9oz ten days ago- I'll have a more accurate measurement next month at her 4 month appointment!)

Length: 26 inches

(Venily was about 15lbs and 24 in)

Clothes size: 6-9m (though the legs and arms are getting short- a problem she will probably have the rest of her life!)

Diaper size: 2

Shoe size: 2

SLEEPING: 11+ hours every single night!!! She goes to bed around 8pm and wakes up around 7:30am. You can't beat that! And she takes awesome naps during the day too!! AND I just lay her in her bed when she's tired, turn on her glow sea horse thing that plays music and she puts herself to sleep!! Venily would NEVER, EVER go to sleep on her own! :) Oh, and she hates sleeping in my arms... she'd much, much prefer to sleep in her own bed!

EATING: Still exclusively breastfeeding, I don't know how much she gets at a time, but apparently enough! haha! I haven't tried a bottle again in a really long time. One more month until we get to start cereal! YAY! I'm so excited! (The doctor predicts she'll be a good eater, lol!)

PLAYING: Her favorite things to play with are mirrors, rattles that she can hold and chew on, anything with flashing lights, her swing, and of course her crazy sister!

APPEARANCE: Still has very blue eyes and very little hair! She is looking less like Venily though and Jason and I fight about who she looks like more, me or him! :)

OTHER: She found her head a couple days ago, haha! She now loves to have one hand in her mouth and the other hand rubbing the top of her head! She's so cute!


Haven's LIKES:
* Mommy and Venily (nothing against Daddy, but I think she likes us more... I'll enjoy it while I can!)
* Toys, especially mirrored toys and mobiles... also anything that plays music
* Standing! She locks her legs straight so that I can't make her sit, haha!
* BATHS! She loves to splash!
* Loves to look at other babies and pictures of babies!
* Loves when I read her stories and sing her songs!
* Her saucer and swing and changing table


* Not being able to lay in her bed when she's tired
* Being scared! Sometimes when someone she doesn't know yells really loudly around her or something she gets a look of shock on her face and then starts crying. It's really sad, but really cute!

HAVEN/ VENILY COMPARISON: (Venily at 3 months)
  • Venily used to nap about 15 minutes at a time, Haven naps for up 3-4 hours at a time!
  • Haven sleeps through the night and falls to sleep on her own! :)
  • Haven LOVES baths, Venily would scream the entire time!
  • They both loved toys and mobiles!
  • They both were crazy about chewing on their hands or anything they can get a hold of!
  • They both had BIG cheeks! :)
  • They both preferred standing over sitting and wanted to be standing all the time!
Pic: Venily at 3 months!

I've said this a million times, but I honestly can't believe what a WONDERFUL baby she is!
When I was pregnant with Haven I thought "What the heck did I just do?! Things are PERFECT right now. I love my life and I love my 1 daughter. Why am I going to change things?". Then I would tell myself that although things were going to be really hard for awhile, the payoff in a few years would be well worth it! I strongly believe in family and that children need someone else with them while growing up to share in the experience. I never in my wildest dreams imagined that Haven would fit so perfectly into our family, be the most absolute dream-child, make it so that my life was actually EASIER than just having 1!!! I've heard a lot of people say that the change from 1-2 children is even harder than the change from 0-1 child, but that is definitely not the case with us! She was destined to be part of our family and I couldn't imagine life without her!!!

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  1. Sage is totally the same when it comes to sleeping! She puts herself to sleep, and HATES sleeping in someones arms. She would MUCH rather be in her swing, vibrating chair, or crib!
    As for Haven's looks, I obviously have never seen any of you in person, but from the pictures I have seen, I TOTALLY think she looks like YOU! :)