Friday, December 18, 2009

Venily's 1st & 2nd Christmases!

How is it even possible that this is Venily's THIRD Christmas already!! I can't believe it! And I was looking though pictures of her first 2 Christmases and can't believe how much she's changed!!

Venily's first Xmas:

And Last Year, her 2nd Xmas:

Awww!! :)

I think the funniest thing is how little hair she had last year! I had almost completely forgotten her very little hair, bald spot and swirl in the back, with silly "strands" in the front that I would refuse to have cut because it was the only real hair she had!! :)


  1. Look at that baldy! lol. I forgot about that too. It seemed like she barely had any hair and then all the sudden she grew a whole head full overnight. haha.

  2. LOL, I Know!! Though I'm still waiting on the day that I can put it ALL up in a ponytail!! haha

    I hope Haven has a head full of hair by her first birthday! :)

  3. Venily has much darker hair than Haven! You might have a brunette and a Blondie on your hands! They looked identical when Haven was born but now seeing pics of Venily, they don't look very much alike anymore.