Monday, December 14, 2009

Aquatic Center!

We went to the Aquatic Center yesterday and both girls had so much fun! Of course I knew Venily would, she was CRAZY!!! ....running around everywhere, swimming around, playing with the other kids, and NEVER wanting to leave (even though she was shivering so badly by the end, lol)... Haven surprised me and LOVED it as well!!! She thought it was an awesome giant bath! :) She was kicking her legs like crazy the whole time and getting super excited! She liked it way better than the first time she went swimming at 5 weeks old! (See here) :)

I let Haven sleep as long as she wanted the past 2 nights and she slept 11 straight hours last night (until Venily woke her up this morning) and 13 straight hours the night before!!!

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