Thursday, December 3, 2009

Haven's 2 Month Well-Check!

Haven had her 2 month well-check today and she is a very healthy little (or I should say BIG) girl! :)

The nurse and doctor were very impressed with how strong she is and how well she holds herself up, how focused she is, and of course how sweet and happy she is! :) She was also impressed that she is going 8-9.5 hours straight of sleep every night!


Her 2 month stats:

WEIGHT: 15 lbs, 3 oz!

HEIGHT: 25 inches!

Head circumference: 41 cm

(At Venily's 2 month visit she was 12lbs, 7 oz and 23 inches long!)


Haven is off the growth chart for height and weight!!! The doctor said that she is very healthy and since she is off the chart for both she is proportional and perfect! :)

She had 2 shots today and took them like a little champ! Just cried for a second and then was happy again. I gave her some Tylenol anyway and so far she hasn't had any indication that they are bothering her. She was supposed to have 1 more shot, but they were out of it unfortunately and she'll have to have it on Dec. 16th when I go back in with Venily for her well-check!

We talked about her spitting up again. (Which is still often but SOOOO much better than it was in the beginning). And the doctor said that since she's gaining weight so well and since she's able to get it out without gagging on it anymore, there's really nothing to do but wait it out... which is fine with me. I just need to make sure that she gets a really good burp out after every feeding (which she is doing a lot better with now!).

Her next well-check is at 4 months, on January 26th!


  1. Mason has the same problems with spitting up. He also is big and healthy so the dr. always says to wait it out. He's almost 9 months and it hasn't gotten any better! I keep hoping! That's funny that Haven is so much bigger than Venily was at that age, lol.

  2. Yeah, Venily didn't stop spitting up until she was walking at 10 months! I'm hoping Haven's gets better before then! :)

    And yeah, Haven is a lot bigger which is especially funny because I always thought that Venily was such a big baby! haha

  3. I saw your comment and wanted to write back.
    I was hoping that was how it would work with us. I went off BC for a while a few months ago and nothing happened.
    It took us almost 2.5 years the first time. I never went to a doctor or anything, I just kindda figured after awhile I was getting pregenant because of my super irregar periods. I found some neat pills after awhile that really regulated that, and once starting those I was pregnant within three months.
    I figure if I'm not pregnant by Savannah's 2nd birthday in July then I'll order another 3 month cycle of the pills and hopefully be pregnant by October again, that would put the baby due around Savannah's 3rd birthday.
    And I'm sorry if I wrote all this in the post and am repeating myself, lol, I didn't think about that before typing so I'm not looking now :P

    After reading Haven's stats she reminds me so much of Savannah.
    I don't remember her ever being a tiny newborn. I think it was her big head, lol.
    She's always been a chunker. I can barely find pants to fit her now cause she already has 'child bearring hips', lol. Your kids are super cute though.