Thursday, December 31, 2009


What an AMAZING year!!

We started off the year in our new house with a goal of conceiving our 2nd child! What an absolute shock and utter blessing it was to see a positive test just 18 days after starting the new year! We were off to a great start in ensuring 2009 to be a good one! :) Look how little Venily was at the start of the year!!! She turned 15 months in the middle of January... the next couple of months were a blur of morning sickness and trying to make it through each day! I remember that May 1st (my ultrasound) seemed FOREVER away! And being so incredibly ecstatic that I was having another girl! We potty trained Venily in June and couldn't believe how easy she made it for us! In July, Jason and I celebrated our "8 years of being together" anniversary and our 3 Year Wedding Anniversary! In August Jacki and Jake got married in a WONDERFUL ceremony and reception!! September I waited very impatiently as week after week Haven decided to keep her cute little butt inside! And we were so blessed when she finally made her presence on September 26th at a shocking 9 pounds and 9 ounces and 21.5 inches long! :) She has been such a joy to have in our family, we love her so much! October was Venily's 2nd birthday and Haven turned 1 month!! We were then able to experience Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas as a family of 4 and it was fantastic!!

The Year In Pictures (I picked a couple from each month):












I don't know how 2010 could possibly be as great as 2009, but I think that every year and am always proven wrong! My heart hurts knowing how fast my girls are going to grow up by this time next year!!! I'm excited for Haven to be eating real food, crawling, walking, and talking and for Venily to continue to grow and learn new things every day! Maybe preschool? Maybe a dance class or gymnastic class if I can break her away from her shyness? I can't wait!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Resolutions coming tomorrow! :)

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