Saturday, December 5, 2009

A day in the life... of Haven Araya!

I wanted to know how many hours a day Haven sleeps, how many times I change her, and how often she eats so I figured I'd actually keep track of it for the day! :)

(At 10 weeks old)

9:00 pm-6:00 am - SLEEP! (9 hours)
6:00 am - I woke her up b/c she was sucking on her knuckles so loudly, lol!)
  • changed diaper (wet)
  • fed her (no burp)
6:15 am - Fell right back to SLEEP! (1 hr, 15 min)
7:30 am - Spit up in her bassinet! I changed her sheets and fed her again!
7:45 am - Back to sleep (45 min)
8:30 am - Woke up!
  • changed diaper (wet)
  • fed
8:45 am- 9:30 am - PLAY TIME! (swing, floor time w/ toys, watching her big sister be crazy, etc.)
9:30 am - changed diaper (BM) and fed
9:45 am - SLEEP! (1 hr, 5 min)
10:50 am - Awake
  • fed
  • changed clothes and diaper (wet)
  • played
11:50 am - Fed
12:00 pm - SLEEP! (40 min)
12:40 pm - Awake!
  • In her front carrier with me while we checked my email, brought up the laundry, and did a "1 mile walk" workout!
1:40 pm - Changed diaper (Wet & BM)
2:05 pm - Fed
2:25 pm - SLEEP! (2 hrs, 20 min)
4:45 pm - Woke up!
  • changed diaper (wet)
  • Fed
  • Played
  • changed diaper (BM)
5:30 pm - Fed
5:45 pm - SLEEP! (1 hr)
6:45 pm - Awake!
6:50 pm - changed diaper (wet and BM) & into pajamas
  • played
7:45 pm - Fed
8:00 pm - Listened to stories and songs for Venily's bedtime (she LOVES to do this!)
8:30 pm - Fed
8:40 pm - Attempt to put her to sleep, but she spit up in her bassinet...
8:55 pm - Sleep!

Which means that in 24 hours...

* She slept for 16hrs, 10 min!!
* I changed 8 diapers (4 wet, 2 BM, and 2 both)!
* I fed her 11 times! (she usually only takes one side at a time, only a few times of those did she take both sides)
* And she only spit up twice!! Both times while laying in her bassinet and both times after not burping well after a feeding!! :)

This was a pretty typical day! She is pretty consistent with when she wakes up in the morning and when she goes to bed. I think she usually takes a longer nap though in the morning rather than several smaller ones. I think 4 BM a day is on the high end but they were all small (no blowout diapers today, lol! YAY!). She typically cluster eats like that! I think it's because she goes so long at night without eating and she doesn't take a lot at once b/c of her reflux! I think I'll do this again in a month or 2 to compare! :)


Also, she is 10 weeks old today!! This past week she has been chewing on her knuckles and fingers even more and has started drooling a lot too! My fingers are crossed that she doesn't get teeth any time soon (though Venily chewed and drooled a lot too and didn't get any teeth until she was almost 8 months!). Also, she LOVES to hold onto toys now when I put them in her hand! She will hold onto it for up to an hour and can bring it to her mouth and chew on it. Venily is always bringing her different toys to try! :) I sometimes forget that I gave her a toy and will see it in her hand again way later, lol!


  1. That is such a great idea, to keep track of everything she does in a day! I was worried that maybe Sage was sleeping too much, but now looking at this, she is VERY similar to Haven! I might have to copy this idea for my blog, hope you don't mind!! :)

  2. No, of course I don't mind! It'd be interesting to see!!