Saturday, December 12, 2009

Santa... Take 2 & Haven is 11 weeks!

We saw Santa and Mrs. Claus today and it went soooo much better than last time, lol. Venily has been really excited all week to see them. When we got there she was a little hesitant at first, but then sat on Mrs. Claus's lap and was talking to BOTH of them!!! I was really proud of her!

LOL, I bought this dress for Haven LAST December, before we even started trying to conceive! That's how badly I wanted another girl by this time! Maybe I should buy another one this December.... haha, I'm just kidding! :)

Haven is 11 weeks old today!

She is sleeping 10 or MORE hours straight now at night!!!!! EVERY night this past week! I wake her up every single morning too, so I wonder how long she'd actually sleep, LOL! It must be tiring be so darn cute!!! I just get nervous that she's hungry or that she's sitting in a wet diaper too long so I wake her up to change and feed her! :) I love her so much, she's such a little sweetie!!!!! ♥

I had to pack up her 3-6m clothes this week, haha... it was definitely hard for me! She's in all 6-9m stuff now and even some of that is JUST fitting her! Ahhhhh!!!!!!!

I also took out and organized all of Venily's shoes that she's outgrown!! An astonishing 45 pairs that no longer
fit her! OH MY!! (That's not counting the 12 or so she has now that DO fit her!) I think I've only ever bought her maybe 3 of those pairs, lol!

Haven and Venily love each other so much, it makes me want to cry! Venily is always making her laugh and wanting to play with her and read to her and be near her!!! I hope they are always the best of friends! :)

Also, I can tickle her now!! And she'll laugh instead of just look at me like 'what the heck are you doing!', I love it!!


  1. I have a stupid question that has NOTHING to do with this post! lol! How do you get the heart in your text?

  2. You write the & symbol followed by hearts; (with no space). Like this:

    & hearts; (w/out the space)