Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Venily's 2 Year Well-Check!

Venily had her 2 Year Well-Check today finally (at 2 years, 2 months)!

Venily's 2 Year Stats:

Weight: 27lbs, 6oz
Height: 37 inches (96th %ile)
Head Circumference: 48.5

And because what else am I going to do while waiting for the doctor, lol... Haven weighed 15lbs, 9oz! (Up from 15lbs, 3oz thirteen days ago! Oh boy!)

Everything else went great!! The doctor was very impressed with everything that she can do and she looks very healthy! She is a smart little cookie, that's for sure! She also said that Venily is going to be a TALL girl (but I still think that Haven is going to have her beat!!)!!

Venily needed 2 shots and Haven needed 1. I am so amazed at how awesome my 2 girls are it's not even funny! I TOLD Venily that she was going to get 2 shots today and she didn't even care! Then she got them and just flinched a little for each and when they were done, she asked "Can I get my treasures now?" (she got to pick out 2 treasures from the treasure chest)! Then it was Haven's turn. She cried for a few seconds and then I fed her and she fell asleep! The whole way home I kept thinking 'these can't be my girls!', I don't think I could be more proud of them!

I think even Jason should agree with me that it's time for Venily to get her ears pierced!! (I've been pushing for it since before she was born!). And his thing was "once she's old enough to realize what's going to happen and wants to get it done." Well, she definitely can handle it and says she wants it done, so I hope he doesn't get mad when I come home one day with them pierced! :)

p.s. Venily can now recognize "V" and "T" on the keyboard and keeps wanting to press them, lol!

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