Friday, December 4, 2009

Things I love... (this time around)

Front carrier!- I use it so much, it's ridiculous! I love it! Definitely makes grocery shopping with 2 kids MUCH easier! Though I can not go down a single aisle without somebody making a comment to me, lol! And I found out the other day that I can nurse her while she's in it! LOL! Very useful that I don't have to take her out of it to feed her! I had one with Venily but it was a pain in the butt to put on, this one is soooo easy! She likes to face frontwards in it now too!!

Swing!- Venily liked the travel swing, but never liked a full-sized swing. Haven really likes it! And it has been really useful to be able to put her in it when I make dinner, help Venily on the potty, etc.!

Nursing blankets with neck bands!- I don't know why I never bought any with Venily?! It's nice not having to worry about little grabby hands pulling down the blanket and exposing me to everyone, lol!

Cloth water-proof changing pads!- I put them under Haven when she lays on the couch, our bed, etc. so I don't get spit-up or leaky diapers all over everything!

Shout Laundry Spray!- (I used Dreft spray with Venily and it didn't work nearly as well) Since Haven spits up so much AND usually has at least one blow out diaper mess every single day (despite EVERYTHING that I try, though I'd really like to try cloth diapers! :) ) it works really good to keep things from getting stained!

Hmmm.... the things I DIDN'T think of last time! If I get a next time, I'd love to see what else I didn't think of! :)

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  1. It's amazing the things that you didn't use with the first kid, but use all the time with the next one! We never had a swing for ANY of our other kids, but Sage LOVES her swing, and spends lots of time in it!! I never used a wrap or carrier with my other kids either, but again, Sage spends TONS of time in one! lol!