Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year Resolutions

Last Year I wrote a New Year Update (see here) and had the following resolutions:

-nailed this one :) I consider myself an awesome mom, it's my JOB after all and I always put 110% into everything that I do!! I take it very seriously! ♥

-yep, no problems with this one either, I was able to check this one off my list after the 1st of the year! :)

-I definitely tried and will continue to do so!

-And by that, I meant GET organized because we had just moved into our new house after having everything in boxes for 8 months! I am VERY happy with how far we have come from January 2009 to January 2010!!!! I can't even tell you how many HOURS I have spent going through boxes and organizing and reorganizing things! My new Xmas present has helped out tremendously with our bedrooms now as well! I still have more to do though!

-I didn't exercise DAILY, but I did a pretty good job, especially while being pregnant 75% of 2009! I had my weekly yoga class, I walked a lot, and started a routine with Exercise TV that I stopped only because I severely injured my neck for a month (it was so bad, I'd cry daily and was very close to going to the emergency room a couple of times!) and it is only now better, but I plan to start my routine back up now!

This year's resolutions are very similar!
  • Continue to be the best Mommy ever! :) I would like to ESPECIALLY work on my temper as we enter the "Trying Two's" and all the sassiness that comes with it (a post for another time, lol!). And I want to make a continued effort to spend 0ne-on-one time with Venily doing various learning activities and arts & crafts projects!
  • Seriously research and get everything in order to prepare for an adoption and/or convince Jason to go for "one more"! :)
  • Relax more! Don't know when I'll have the time, but I will try! :)
  • Finish up the rest of my organization! This includes a few boxes I have to go through, doing something about my TREMENDOUS picture problem, and FINALLY doing the scrapbooks that I have all the materials for, but have yet to even start!!
  • Finally get pictures up on my walls! Someday...
  • Exercise daily! I'll definitely keep doing exercise TV, and I really want to go hiking a lot with the girls when it gets nicer out! And depending on how Haven does, I'd like to go back to my yoga class- it'll be nice to do some of the positions I never could while pregnant!

I hope it goes well!
Good luck to everyone else with their resolutions!


  1. Looks like you did really good with your resolutions last year! Good luck with this years resolutions as well!
    I just read your post from last year. I can't believe you lived with your in-laws for that long, I think I would go crazy!! I bet it felt SOOO nice to finally have your own space!! :)

  2. Yes, my in-laws are great people, but I spent a lot of time crying, locked in our room with Venily, haha! She learned to crawl and walk at their house!! It was especially hard since we had been living on our own for years before that and still owned a house, but had to rent it out to have enough money to build our new house!

  3. I totally understand! I am such a private person, I NEED my own space!! That is half the reason we never had any help with the triplets, cause I didn't want people at my house all the time! lol!