Monday, August 30, 2010

Maybe she won't be a bully after all...

Up until recently Haven, my sweet, sweet angel of a girl, has been really mean not so nice to kids her size and smaller.  Bigger than herself?  She'd absolutely love them, but if they were her size or smaller she'd kind of freak out and always pull their hair and yell.  I had thought it was because she'd get so excited and not be able to express it or something, but I don't know.  Now, though, she really, REALLY loves them!!  The other day she was playing with her friend Adalein and didn't pull her hair at all, that's a definite improvement!  She also gave her kisses and hugs!  Yay- I thought maybe she is finally used to her!  ♥  Then, at the library today she was playing with another little girl.  This girl was easily 2 inches shorter than Haven, but had long, gorgeous hair!!!  Like twice as long as poor Venily who has been growing it for almost 3 years, haha!  They were playing so nicely together, it was SOOOO PRECIOUS!!!  And Haven was loving her too, giving kisses and hugs like the little sweetie that she is!  And every once in a while she'd get shy and run over to me and hug my legs and smile! :)  I'm so happy, I hope her hair-pulling days are over!  Oh, and the girl that was shorter than her at the library?  She was 17 months old, haha!!

She's also mastered "be nnnniiiiiiicccccce". So if she's being too rough with Venily, Mommy, an animal, etc.  I can tell her to "be nice" and she will pet them nicely! :)  Venily is always telling her to be nice! haha

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