Friday, August 6, 2010

Yoga and a new friend!! :)

I tried going to my yoga class again, the first time since being gigantically pregnant with Haven! :)  I went every single week last summer, but didn't know how it would be with 2 kids!  The first 30 minutes were good.  I brought a bunch of toys and snacks for Venily and Haven to play with and eat and they had their own mat to sit on.  Both girls were hilarious trying to do some of the poses, lol.  And Venily's friend Elliot was there.  She used to play with her at yoga last year and we see her at the library some days too.  She is only a month younger than Venily, so that is nice!  The last 30 minutes were much more difficult.  Haven kept trying to run out into the other room and Venily and Elliot were being silly.  I spent a lot of that time just sitting on my mat, holding Haven, haha.  I didn't want her to bother anyone else (the 3 girls were the only kids there and it was a full class).  I'm going to see if Grandma will watch her next week (if she doesn't have to work) and I can bring Venily and Allison instead!

Speaking of Allison, we met her today!!!!  Oh what a sweet little girl!!  So nice and polite and just a doll!  We will have lots of fun this next month.  Her and Venily were instant friends!  I feel like I should be paying her to come to my house and play with Venily, haha! :)  And it looks like we will be watching her before and after school now as well!  The poor little thing though, her dad was telling Jason that she was saying that she wanted to go to heaven and see her Mommy and he told her she wouldn't be able to do that for a really long time.  Oh shoot, I'm crying just writing it.  I really hope I can hold it all together for her!

And little Miss Haven has a ton of updates as well!  But I am trying to save them for her 10.5 month update on Tuesday! :)

And our new tenants moved in this week and are already giving us problems.  Turns out Jason's initial instincts were right, the guy is a complete psycho.   I wouldn't care except for the fact that my mom lives right above them! :(  And the worst part is we've gotten like 10 calls from people interested in the apartment since they signed the lease!

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