Thursday, August 26, 2010

11 months old!! You DO know what comes after 11 months, right?!

Haven is 11 months old today!!  Time for someone to start working on her candle-blowing and holding up one finger when asked how old she is, skills!! ;)

Here are her 11 month stats:

Weight: 23 pounds (weighed her myself, she has her 1 year well-check next month on the 28th, so we will have an accurate weight then!)

Length: 31.5 inches

(Venily was about 21lbs and 30.75 in at 11m!)

Haven's updated growth charts:


Clothes size: mostly 18m

Diaper size: 3

Shoe size: 5's.  (I had to pack up all her 4's a few weeks ago, most of which she hadn't ever worn, haha, but she has a TON of cute new 5's- I just have to remember to put them on her now!)

HAIR LENGTH: longest top pieces- a little over 1.5 inches
longest bottom/back pieces-2 inches

***This morning she found a piece of one of my hairs and I was watching her look at it.  She takes it and puts it on top of her head!!  Poor girl... haha!

SLEEPING: She's on such a great, consistent sleeping schedule right now.  I love how routine and predictable it's become!  She wakes up around 6:30- 7:00am, takes her first nap at 9:00am (about 1.5-2 hours), takes her 2nd nap at 2:00pm (about 1.5-2 hours) WITH Venily, and then goes promptly to bed at 7:45pm and sleeps through the night!!  Did you hear that?!  SLEEPS THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!  ....EVERY NIGHT!!!!  Venily didn't sleep through the night consistently until around 2.5 years.  From like 2-2.5yrs, she'd wake up at least once a night to pee! (Not saying things can't change for Haven, but I am LOVING it right now!)

And she is still doing great with putting herself to sleep!  Oh how I remember Venily at this age.... I remember I would rock and sing to her until she fell asleep (sometimes taking quite a while) and then I'd have to very carefully set her in her crib!  So glad I don't have to do that now!!!

EATING: Continues to eat 3 meals and 2 snacks a day (all regular table foods).  I hardly cut anything up anymore either.  I still think it's weird that I can give her a sandwich and she'll just take bites off of it like a little person, haha!  Or that I can give her a spoon and fork and she'll use them correctly!  Her meals are a MESS though, since I always let her do everything herself!  3 times a day I have to wash her, her high chair seat, her high chair table-top, and the floor surrounding the high chair!  It's one of my least favorite chores!
She eats a SICKENING amount of food too!  The other morning we made blueberry pancakes and she easily out ate Venily AND Allison (who's 5)!!  LOL, actually that's starting to become a regular occurence!  And sometimes she literally eats more than I do in a single meal!  For dinner one night I made Jason a plate (even though he was at work and wasn't home until past midnight) like I usually do (he usually eats it in the morning).  Well, Haven ate ALL of her dinner AND almost all of Jason's too!!  There was just a few vegetables left! haha.  I've had to start making larger quantities.  Where we used to get by with one "package" of things, I'm now finding that it's just not enough!! When she is done with what's on her plate, she is always saying "More! More!" until I think I will be sick, lol!  I'm always so relieved when she finally says "ALL DONE!"
We have cut out one nursing session per day (about a week ago) so that we are down to 4.  Since then though, she has been trying to self-wean!!  She hardly ever demands to nurse now, I have to offer it to her and even then she will usually only take 1 side before she wants to go play! :(  I have mixed emotions about it.  I am happy that if all goes well with whole milk, she'll be really easy to wean, but am sooooo sad to be "done with nursing" forever!  Woah, totally had to calm myself down just now, lol, I'm still holding onto hope that Jason will change his mind... hmmm, okay, I feel a little better! ;)

I was giving her a little milk in a regular cup with her meals for a bit, but stopped when she had some diarrhea.  Now she is back to having water.  Now that it's cleared up, I think I'll try the milk again... we'll see!

PLAYING: She is so fun to play with!!  Her favorite thing right now is baby dolls for sure!  She will rock them and kiss and hug them, put them in the stroller and push them around and feed them a bottle!  She's a great little mommy!  She also really loves slides (we got her a little one at a garage sale) and anything she can get on and ride!!  She is also still absolutely in love with reading books!  She will frequently go pick out a book, sit down, and look through all the pictures all by herself.  She also loves to take books and bring them to Venily to read to her!  CUTEST FRICKEN thing ever!!!

Her dancing now consists of swaying and spinning in circles whenever she hears music! :)
APPEARANCE: I have accepted and embraced the fact that she has red hair.  It can still change (my mom says mine was red at her age), but for now, YES, she definitely has RED hair! :) Everyone loves it and compliments on it EVERYWHERE we go!  They also love her eyes, dimples, and earrings! :)  What's not to love about her?!

TEETH: 6 teeth!  And the next 2 on the bottom are starting to come in as well.  Her hands are back in her mouth 24/7 and there is LOTS of drool!  I can see where they are both coming in, but they haven't cut through yet, hopefully soon!
SPEECH: She can say 50 words now!!!  She is getting really good!  She's pronouncing her words more clearly and using multiple syllables!  Instead of "pill" she can now say "pillow", and things like that!

Previous words: "this", "that", "duck", "Dada", "teeth", "more", "hi", "Mama", "ball", "dog", "eat", "up",  "kkeee" (kitty), "ick", "ba-bye", "bang", "block", "book", "no", "clap", "pat", "pillow", "please" (usually comes out as 'pa'.  I make her say "more pa" (more please) so she doesn't sound so demanding!), "sit" and "boo" (when playing peek-a-boo), "cup", "all done", 

New this last month:
"oh", "bird", "bun" (bunny), "psh" (fish), tries to say diaper, "banana", "mill" (milk), "baby" (♥), "bewee" (bellybutton), "stick", "eyes", "feet", "no" (for nose), "mouth", "bite", "down", "woah", "owww" (while hitting herself in the head, haha, thanks for teaching her that one Venily!), "walk, walk" (when she has shoes on and is walking around the house, lol), "poop" (haha), "daddy" (in addition to dada), "beep" and these are just the ones I've kept track of!!!
Venily knew 20 words at 11 months!  I think I'm in trouble! ;)

*previous-"eat", waves, claps, does "so big", gives high fives, pats her legs for "pat it", puts her hands up to be picked up, points, "water", "all done"/"all gone","blows kisses", puts phone up to ear and and says hi or puts hand up to ear when she sees a phone, "stomps" her feet when we sing "If you're happy and you know it, stomp your feet" (while sitting)

New this month:
*signs "drink"
*She can finally "roll it"!!!!!  We've been working on it for a while now!!!  She finally started doing it the other day at her library class when we were singing the "Rolly Polly" song!! :)

ANIMAL SOUNDS: She's up to 14 16 now!!!
previous: fish (open/close mouth), sheep (baaa), cow (moo), elephant (blows lips), bee (bzzzz), and kitty (squeals... it's how she meows, haha)!!!  

new this past month: lion, tiger, bear (all the same sound, haha! rrrrawrrrr), owl (who), horse (neigh), chicken (bawk- sometimes), dog (ruff), monkey (ahh- I've tried to teach her "ooh, ooh, ahh, ahh").  She started doing most of all of these new sounds the other day.  I just kept pointing to pictures and asking her what they said and she'd keep telling me!!!! :) 

UPDATE: Just started doing two new animal sounds this morning!  She does skunk (waves her hand in front of her nose) and a snake (ssssssss).  She started doing the skunk while I was reading her a book this morning and asked her what a skunk says and she started doing a snake while we were at the pet hop today and I was showing her a snake!  ...Further proof that your kids are always listening, haha!  

BODY PARTS:  Up to 10 now!!!  Haven can now tell you where her hair, hands, feet, eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, tongue, ears, and bellybutton are!!!
MOVEMENT: Still running!!!  She can spin in circles now too!  She likes to spin and spin and spin and get dizzy and fall over! :)

Still climbing everything as well!  She climbs up her slide all by herself!  And is always bringing Venily's stools around to climb up on and get naughty things!

OTHER- random happenings:  

I was joking around the other day while sitting in my living room and said "Haven go get me a diaper so I can change you".  She left the room.  A minute later she came back and handed me a swim diaper from my bedroom (she can't reach her regular diapers)!!!!!!   I was so impressed!  ♥ lol

One day we were eating dinner and I was sitting next to Haven in her high chair.  She was holding her cup and looking at me.  I lifted up my cup to take a drink.  She took a drink of hers.  I put mine down.  She put her's down.  (all while looking at me).  She started smiling... so I took another drink so she quick took another drink.... she was COPYING me!  It was so funny!

We were driving in the car one day with just Venily and Haven and me.  Haven started in on Venily saying "NO, NO!" and Venily would say "YES, Haven!!" and Haven would respond "NO, NO!" and Venily would say "YEEEEEES!" and back and forth.  I thought I was looking into the future... like 2 years from now, haha!

At the museum... she's such a curious little girl!



Haven's LIKES:

*County fairs!

* reading lots and lots of books, especially with animal pictures

* BABIES!!!  Join the club Haven! ;)

* Eating like it's her job!

*Giving hugs and kisses! ♥  She's become really cuddly lately and I am LOVING it!!

* Pillows and blankets- such a little snuggler

* When I don't feed her more food fast enough! :)

* diaper changes


HAVEN/ VENILY COMPARISON: (Venily's 11 Month Update)

Pics: Venily at 11 months!

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