Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Racine County Fair

Oops, forgot to post this earlier!  We went to the fair last Wednesday and Sunday!  Haven's first out-of-womb experience and she LOVED it!!!  I had so much deja-vu from when we brought Venily when she was almost the exact same age!  Just like Venily, she absolutely loved the animals.  Was doing her excited breathing and pointing every time we came to a new one... she was soooo amazed!!  LOL!  And she'd wave "hi" to them all too!  I'm sure she was wondering why she has never been to such an awesome place before and why we don't go there every single day! :)  We waited 20 min in line for the petting zoo on Wed and were glad we did!  There were so many cute animals all over inside... Haven had a blast running after them!  Venily was equally amazed!!!  She held a chick, kitten, chicken, and bunny!  ♥  She was in little girl heaven!!  Oh and Haven was so cute in the Sheep barn!  She was pointing and saying "baa" "baa" at all the sheep! :)
Venily also went up on stage for the "Kids are People Too" show we watched!  She had a tambourine!  We were SOOOOO proud of her, as she is very shy!  She also got to use a hula hoop for the first time and did a water balloon toss with Daddy, but I didn't get any pics b/c my camera battery was dead.  It magically came back to life for a few more pics so I could get some of her up on stage!  Ooohhh, I wish I could have gotten some of Haven trying to use the hula hoop... so fricken cute!  And then walking around with one each hand, haha!  ♥
Sunday we stayed for the demo for a bit.  Venily is still talking about how cool it was that the cars were crashing into each other, lol!  And Haven liked it as well, though she was super sleepy.  Both the girls didn't get home until way past their bedtime!  Both girls also got corn on the cob and ate it like it was the best thing in the whole wide world!  Haven was like a rabid dog, LOL, Jason was trying to pry it out of her hands, but she was going NUTS!!! :)

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