Tuesday, August 10, 2010

10 1/2 months!

Here are some of my random Haven updates from the last 1/2 month!

The last 2 weeks have brought about a ton of new words!!  Here are a few, I've been trying to keep track, but it's getting to the point now where it's pretty hard! ;)  She's up to about 45 words!!!

oh, bird, bunny (bun), fish (psh- she LOVES Edward!!), tries to say diaper, banana (used to just say "bah", but now can say the whole word really well, while pointing at one or a pic of one), milk (used to say mmmmbah, while pulling down my shirt, now it's more like "milt"), baby (always carrying around a baby and saying "baby, baby!" ♥ ), bellybutton (beweee, while touching hers or anyone else's belly button), stick, eyes, feet, nose (says no while pointing at hers or someone else's nose), mouth, bite (while holding her spoon, trying to give us a bite of whatever she's eating), down, woah, and also says "ALL DONE!" as two separate words now, instead of one.  This is mostly for food, but she does it when she's all done with activities too.

She signs "drink" now!  And speaking of drinks, I let her have a very little bit of whole milk in her straw cup last night with dinner.  She thought it was the greatest thing ever!  She drank it so fast and kept saying "MORE! MORE!" but I didn't want her to have too much.  She was NOT happy that I wouldn't give her any more, haha.

Animal sounds- tries to "ruff" for a dog now and growls for a tiger/bear/etc.

When she doesn't want to do something or is about to do something she's not supposed to she waves her pointer finger and says "NO, NO!"  "NO, NO!"  :)  It's funny, but oh so sassy!

She also loves to pull on my shorts while I'm standing (doing the dishes, making dinner, etc) and say "Mama!  Mama!" and then takes my hand and pulls me by her toys so that I'll play with her! lol  ♥  Or if she wants me to carry her she pulls on my shorts and says "upahhhh, upahhhh, upahhh"! :)

She loves "Ring around the Rosey".  And loves to say "down, down" at the end!

She picked up a bunch of new body parts.  I can ask her where her hands, feet, hair, bellybutton, eyes, nose, mouth, and teeth are and she'll show me!!

She has an excited noise that she does.  She kind of freaks out.  She also does this when she sees other babies and will usually then pull their hair.  I wish I could get her to stop!!  It's like she's so overwhelmed with excitement that she doesn't know what else to do...

She loves when people talk with lots of hand gestures!  She loves to copy them while they are talking.  Not so good when someone is trying to tell you a story and you are trying not to laugh because your daughter is mocking them and they don't even realize it! :)  Funnier when they realize and continue on anyway! ;)

I don't know if I've written this before, but whenever she finds a piece of clothes on the floor, she always tries to put it on by "sticking" them to her body and letting go.  It's so funny!  She does the same thing for sunglasses and hats.  She'll "stick" them to the top of her head and then let go, expecting them to stay on!  Too funny!!

Haven also recently learned how to get on and off her riding toys by herself!  She can't really make them go forward yet, but she can get them to go backwards, lol!

Jason complimented me on how well I'm teaching both the kids, seriously makes it all worth it! ♥  That is one of my favorite compliments that I can get!

The girls are doing really well sleeping in the same bedroom.  We have a good routine going now.  First we do pajamas and brush teeth, then we read books and sing songs.  Haven goes to bed first, usually at 7:45pm, Venily goes to bed around 8:00pm.  Haven has been doing great sleeping through the night, it really helps that I'm not in the same room as her!  Both girls usually wake up around 6:30am.  (Too early for me, I'm NOT a morning person, but both of them are, lol, so I deal with it!)  Plus, now that Allison is here, I am usually already up, so it's not a big deal!

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