Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Teeth, teeth, teeth... it never stops!!

Looks like we won't be having a teething break, unfortunately!  Ever since Haven cut her last tooth (#6), she hasn't stopped biting on her fingers like crazy.  I was hoping maybe it had just become a habit!  But today I was feeling around on her gums and could feel the bumps where her molars are coming in! :(  They are nowhere near the surface, so it's going to be several months I'm guessing before they start cutting though, but they are already starting to feel uncomfortable to her.  It looks like the top molars will come in first.  She likes when I press on them with my fingers, but I wasn't paying attention for a second and she bit my finger with her tops and bottoms in front!  OUCH!  Lol, it still hurts, and left a white mark on my nail with a bruise around it!

No indication of the next 2 bottom teeth coming in whatsoever.

OH.... AND SOMETHING I DIDN'T REALIZE UNTIL YESTERDAY!!!!!!!  Haven's 1st birthday is NEXT MONTH!!!!  You don't even know how shocked I was when I realized that, lol!  (Sure she still has a month and 3 weeks, but it's next month!  Craziness!!

And another shocking fact!  Venily starts preschool next month as well!!  Jason says that we will make it work financially, even if we have to cancel our cable, internet, cell phones, etc.  I think she starts on Sept 8th, but I'm not positive.  We're supposed to be getting some info in the mail soon about their open house this month!  She's really excited, but I think she's a little nervous as well.  I'm really hoping it all goes well!

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