Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Room!

I finally made the switch and put Haven's crib in Venily's room instead of ours yesterday!!!  She's been sleeping though the night most nights (but not all) and putting herself to sleep without even a whine most times, so I figured it was time!  

And last night went really good!!  Haven fell asleep at around 7:30pm in her crib.  Then we did Venily's books and songs out in the living room and told her she had to be really quiet while going to sleep otherwise Haven would have to move back into our room (and she is SUPER excited to have a new roommate, lol).  So, she was very quiet and went right to sleep!  Haven woke up at 4am needing a diaper change, but when I went to get her, Venily was still sound asleep with the blanket over her head, lol.  I changed her and nursed her and put her back in her crib and she fell right back to sleep.  Then both woke up (don't know who woke who) at 6:20am (Venily's regular waking time).  But Haven was determined not to go back to sleep, which is fine, sometimes she does, sometimes she doesn't!  So far... success!  And it is soooo nice having our room back to ourselves!! :)


Oh, and on a completely different topic.... HAVEN EATS SOOOOO MUCH!!!  Lol, she's next to me in her high chair right now eating breakfast!  Every time she finishes what's on her plate I ask her if she's "all done or wants more".  And she always points down at her plate and says "MORE!".  I don't know where it all goes, lol!  Yesterday morning she seriously ate 5 bowls of Oatmeal and still wanted more, but I cut her off... and she got mad, haha!  She is so much like Venily as a baby!  I figure being so darn cute burns off a lot of calories!!! :)

Okay, she just said and signed "all done"!  She had me worried for a minute, I thought she was going to eat every last bit of food in the house!

Lol, last night for dinner I gave Venily and Haven the exact same dinner, portions and all.  Haven ate all of hers and wanted more.  Venily didn't eat all of hers and wanted to be done... so I ended up giving Haven the rest of Venily's chili, hahaha!

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