Friday, September 3, 2010

My big girl preschooler!!!

We went to open house last night and met Venily's teacher, saw the school again, and got to meet some of her new friends.  I really don't anticipate ANY problems for her first day (next Wednesday) at all!!  She wanted us to leave her there and didn't want to come home, haha!  As soon as we got there, she just went right up to a group of kids and started playing with them!  Her teacher, Mrs. Vivian, has been at the school for over 18 years, and has her education degree, so I feel very comfortable with her.   She only has 7 kids in her class (the max #) and Venily is the youngest of them all.  Most are already 3 and turning 4 this year, but she is so tall that you would never have guessed it, haha.  Plus, she is SUPER smart and will have zero problems keeping up.  I'm actually really hoping that it's challenging enough for her- they had told me previously that they will teach to her level (otherwise I don't think I would have put her in the school).  I have to keep reminding myself that my main objective in putting her in preschool is to get her used to the school setting, not to necessarily teach her academics.  How bad is it that I almost had a mild panic attack when I saw the alphabet up on the wall in her room wasn't in D'Nealian?!  haha.  I REALLY want to get her into 4k next year.  I really like the teacher in the 4k classroom at the school she'll go to and I have subbed for her numerous times.  Plus it's 5x a week and FREE!  It sucks that she misses the cutoff by a month and a half, but she should be able to EASILY test into it.  I still need to do some more research as to how the testing process goes... If I thought it was possible, I'd put her right into 5 year old kindergarten next year, but I don't think they can do that with such a young child.

Next month she goes to a field trip to the Apple Barn!!!  How fricken cute it that?!  I am tearing up writing about it!  Ahhhhhhh!  I really hoping I'm not the only mom crying as I walk out of her classroom next week....

Yesterday I scheduled her 3 year old check up for next month and also her very first dentist appointment!!  She is excited about it now, but tends to be VERY shy to adults at first (especially guys) and I don't know who her dentist is going to be.  Not to mention that Allison has off of school that day so I am going to be bringing all 3 kids to the dentist... that should be interesting! :)


  1. I just Googled D'Nealian. Had no clue what you were talking about. So what do you think of me dropping Adalein off at your house for Pre Pre Kindergarten with Haven?! HAHA! The 2 year old version!

  2. Yeah, the more I think about it, the more it bothers me! I want Venily to learn how to make her letters in D'Nealian. I'm 95% sure that that is what they use at Wheatland as well. I had classes in college where we were graded on how well we could write in D'Nealian, lol! Oh well, I know it won't hurt her to have exposure in different writing styles! And they may even teach the letters in D'Nealian for all I know and just put up the alphabet poster b/c they had it, haha!

    Adalein can definitely come over for some classes! :)