Monday, August 9, 2010

Job- Day 1

Went good!  It was only a half day since her Daddy's job got rained out.  She was only here for 4 hours, but we got a lot accomplished, even in the rain! :)  We played with the glow station, ate breakfast, played dress up, played tea party, painted, and did puzzles, oh yeah, and read stories, danced, and sang songs!  All before 8:45am, haha.  She came at 4:45am, and I was expecting she'd sleep for a bit when she came, but NOPE, she was wide awake and ready to play.  Haven joined us at 5:00am and Venily at 6:30am.  This is going to be good for Venily for sure, especially before school!  Allison is an only child and Venily doesn't have to practice sharing that much since Haven is so little still.  The girls played nicely together, but each wanted to do things their own way!  I'm glad Venily will get some hands-on experience in compromising and problem-solving!

(Side note- we went to a birthday party yesterday (I think we've had a birthday party almost every week this summer, lol) and I was SOOO proud of Venily!!!  We literally didn't know anyone there, but that didn't stop her from making friends with EVERYONE!!!  I kept back a bit and she just went on, on her own, not even looking for me!  She was talking with men and women too, not just the kids.  Got her face painted by a lady.  Even told her which one she wanted!  I was very proud!  Hit the pinata with all the people gathered around her, did a water balloon toss, sang happy birthday, etc. :) It was the first time I thought, yep, she's not going to miss me at all while she's in school!)

Allison talked about her Mom a lot and I held it together.  She kept telling me how she was in heaven and that she passed away last Tuesday.  She tried to tell Venily and it went something like this...

Allison- (to Venily) My Mommy passed away.
Venily- (continued to paint w/out saying anything)
Allison- She's up there (points to the ceiling)
Venily- (laughing) Your Mommy isn't upstairs! (pointing at the loft)
Allison- No, my Mommy is in heaven.
Venily- No, Haven is right here. (points at Haven)
Me- No hunny, her Mommy is in HEAVEN.
Venily- Haven is right there. (continues painting)

Hmmm... yeah, not sure how to approach that!

And the saddest part was not that she kept talking about how her Mommy was in heaven, but when she'd say things like "The baby has her toe nails painted?...  Can you paint my toe nails?" (or anything she asked me to do that I figured her Mom usually did for her) or when she said "When I wake my Mommy up in the morning she always says '5 more minutes.  I'm just going to sleep for 5 more minutes...'" and then she was quiet as she thought about what she had just said.  Or when I was kissing and playing with Haven and she says "She REALLY loves her Mommy!" (and then she looked kind of sad).  It just breaks my heart! :(


  1. Oh my gosh, I am seriously in tears reading your post!! That poor little girl :( I don't know how you kept it together, I would have been bawling!!

  2. Oh I no, it's just so sad! I cry at night when I think about it, just not in front of her. Today she accidentally called me "Mom". THAT was hard for me to hear, but I just pretended that nothing happened. And she told me I had the same color hair as her mom. And for different things we do she'll say "I had a picnic before with my mom... before she passed away." :(

  3. Did her mom pass away suddenly, like an accident? Or was she sick, and they knew it was coming?

  4. She OD'd on drugs- so it was definitely sudden! :(
    Her father left the mom b/c of her drug problem, but the little girl still stayed primarily with her mom. She was on vacation with her dad when it happened. They came home and found out the mom had died.