Saturday, August 21, 2010

2 week "job" summary

We completed our first 2 weeks of watching Allison!  So far, it's gone pretty good!  The girls argue A LOT and she is incredibly needy (understandably so having just lost her mom and now living with her Dad and Grandpa), but the girls also play nicely together a lot, which is really nice!  Allison is really sweet, but I have already seen Venily pick up some things that I'd rather she hadn't though, which makes me sooooo nervous for school to start! And bringing three kids anywhere by myself literally takes 3 times as long, but we go places a lot anyway and are really enjoying the summer.  We make it a point to go somewhere fun every single day!

As far as her mom goes, Allison talks about her every single day, which is great!  She knows how she died, what her obituary said, she always tells me that her mom is in heaven looking down at her saying 'Be a good girl Allison, I love you so much!'.  Every once in a while she'll tell me that she really misses her and that she wishes she could see her... actually Allison and Venily had the following conversation:

Allison:  "Yeah, my mom is up in heaven.  We can't see her, but she's looking down at me."
Venily:  "Yeah, she lives way, way, way up in the sky, up in the clouds"
Allison:  "Do you want to see her?  ...You can't see her for a long, long time..."
Venily:  "We could get a rocket ship and blast up into the sky and see her!!"
Allison:  "Ummm.... no.  We can't go up in a rocket ship...!"
Venily:  "Yeah, we'll go buy a rocket ship and BLAST up there (makes rocket noises) and see your mom... yeah..."
Allison:  "Yeah, if we had the money... and could get a rocket ship..."

Isn't that the saddest funny thing ever?!  I couldn't say anything.  Literally, I could NOT bring myself to say anything!

Another sad-funny thing is that Allison makes it a point to tell random people that we see (in the store, at yoga class, at the park, etc.) that I'm not her real mom and that her real mom went up to heaven.  You can literally watch their face as they are happily talking to her and then she says that and you can see how it doesn't compute in their minds right away and they go from happy to confused to sad and feeling sorry for her within seconds and they stumble over what to say to her!  I know I wouldn't know what to say either!

Like when she asked me if she could call me Mom last week! :(  I hope I was able to effectively hide the look of shock and sadness in my face before I had to gently tell her that no, she could not!

The biggest plus side to having Allison around though is that we have gotten on a super-great schedule and have been sticking to it the last 2 weeks!  I have ALWAYS wanted to stay on a schedule, but usually only eating and bed time was ever really strict!  Also, I've been ironically enough, getting a lot more done around the house!  I feel more organized and have always done better with having "too much to do" which is why I think I transitioned so well from having 1 kid to 2!  Oh, and part of this new schedule makes BOTH Venily and Haven taking naps AT THE SAME TIME AGAIN every day!!! :)

A certain little miss is going to be 11 months old in less than a week!!!!! **deep breaths... deep breaths!**

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