Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rear Facing Car Seat... and totally random stuff...

So, I've been doing a lot of research and have decided to keep Haven rear-facing past her first birthday.  How much longer past?  I'm not sure.  All I know is that I'm going to try to hold off as long as absolutely possible!!

Totally unrelated random info:

*Venily got her first bee sting today while at the beach!  Screamed for a few seconds, followed by a few minutes of crying and as we were walking home from the beach, she told me it didn't hurt any more and that was the end of that!  I put bee sting medicine on it anyway and tried to get her to keep ice on it so it wouldn't swell (which lasted about 2 minutes) and she hasn't complained about it since.  And there was zero swelling.  Though she did throw a fit when she woke up from her nap and I tried to give her medicine in case it was the bee sting that was bothering her (she insisted it was NOT), and she would have none of that.  I got my first bee sting on my first day of my junior year of high school! haha.  And it hurt for days!  Poor thing, she's sooo tough!

*My SIL dyed my hair very, very dark!  Jason has been asking me to dye it dark for a while now, so I finally gave in!  Thanks so much Jacki, I am starting to get used to it now and really like it! :)
*No matter how many times I correct her, Venily insists on calling "Echo Park".... "Gecko Park".  I don't know why I find it SOOO funny, but I am cracking up just writing it!  I love her!!

*I am in serious need of planning the girls' birthday party!  I know we are having it Oct 3rd, but I'm not sure of where!!!  I'm thinking a park, but I just don't know!  It's driving me crazy!

*I forgot to write on Haven's updates that she has a new dance!!  It's much more sophisticated than her "booty shaking dance".  It's a full-body swaying.  I will have to get a video.  All I have to do is turn on the iCarly theme song and everyone in my house busts out dancing, haha!

*Venily's preschool open house is Sept. 2nd.  I go back and forth on being so very excited for her and being scared to death.  Part of me would really LOVE to shelter her forever and ever and move far away and raise her away from everyone, lol!

*Jason is moving in so many different directions lately that my head is nearly about to explode.  He's always been... ummm... all over the place?  But has recently taken it to a whole new level!  He has 5 different jobs (with 4 of them being INCREDIBLY different from one another) and is now wanting to go to school for a totally different one!  This next year could be interesting for sure!


  1. FIVE different jobs?! What all does he do??

  2. LOL!
    *He is a live sound engineer and mixes sound for bands at a club (Wed, Fri, & Sat nights and whenever they have National acts).
    *He mixes sound with a different company as well. Just fills in here and there, usually doing festivals or whatever.
    *He is a heavy machinery operator (supposed to be his full-time job, but I think he's done that like one day in the last month. His brother owns the company).
    *He is a landlord for our duplex.
    *And the newest endeavor.... he has a "personal entertainment" business. Where people can call and get strippers (male or female) for personal parties. He actually just booked his first real show for this Saturday! His friend is a male stripper and hooked him up with some contacts. Random, right?! lol. I think he came up with this idea like 2 weeks ago! But, whatever it takes to make money!

    I think that's it... I might be missing one or two!! You'd think we'd be rolling in money, but that is DEFINITELY not the case, haha!

    Oh, and now he wants to go to school to be a police officer!