Monday, April 26, 2010

Haven is 7 months! ♥

Oh my, 7 months!!!!

Here are her 7 month stats:

Weight: 20lbs, 14oz (4/27/10)

Length: 28.5 inches

(Venily was about 20lbs and 28in!)

Haven's updated growth charts:

(coming soon)

Clothes size: 12m & 18m (she is actually wearing a 2T shirt today, but there is NO way a 2 year old would fit in this shirt, it's even too short on her, lol...)

Diaper size: 3

Shoe size: 3

SLEEPING: She was still waking up at night since about Easter.  It was really bad for 2 weeks with her ear infection, she only wanted to sleep on me and then I'd move her to her crib and a short time later she'd wake up crying again! :(  So I fed her a lot in the night b/c I felt so bad.  There was a few nights when she slept through the night again, but then went back to waking up!  Then last night she slept really well again, hoping we are all done with night-wakings! :)

Usually takes 2 naps a day, sometimes 3. (1-3 hours each)

EATING: Still breastfeeding throughout the day.  Still eating 3 solid food meals and some snacks.  There was a week where she would eat like 3 jars of baby food a day again (I think she really likes that she gets to bite on the spoon with every bite, lol), but now she is back to getting mad and just wanting to do it herself!  She much prefers finger foods!  And has the pincher grasp down now!!  Her favorite things are cheerios, peas (without the shells), diced cooked carrots, and spaghetti!  But she will literally eat anything... still looking for something she doesn't like!  I've started giving her vitamins as well and, just like Venily, she LOVES Poli-vi-sol!  My kids are so weird, lol, just the smell of it makes me want to gag! :)

PLAYING: I rotated her toys recently and she is LOVING all of her "new" toys!!  I need to remember to do that every month!  She LOVES balls and babies and things that light up and/or make noise.  Loves to play outside and go for walks.  LOVES the bath!  I am so impressed at how well she continues to independent play!  She loves to jump in her ExcerSaucer.  Loves to play silly games with Mommy and Venily!

APPEARANCE: I think she looks as though she's thinning out a bit, though no worries, she still has lots of her cute baby chunk!!  Other than that, she looks the same except for her new teeth!

TEETH: 2!  Bottom middle!  Venily was almost 8 months before she got her first tooth!  I'm not sure if the next 2 are close to coming in or not, it looks like it's a little swollen.  She still wants to chew on stuff all the time, but we'll see!  She loves to bite on her spoon and my fingers.  She has bitten me a few times now while I tried to nurse her when she didn't want to!  Ouch!  But she hasn't drawn blood at all, so she is being nicer than Venily was! haha

Taken today! :)

SPEECH: tons of vowels and consonants.  Her favorite things to say are "ball", "mama", "puh", "ba-ba", "hi", as well as lots of other baby talk! :)  Ball may or may not be her first real world, I'm waiting to make sure before I count it! :)

I'm always impressed with all of the language she understands as well!  I can tell her to do things or say the name of an object or person and she knows what I'm talking about!  As much as I want her to stay little forever, I absolutely love watching her learn!

-signs: waves, claps, does "so big", gives high fives

MOVEMENT: Loves to roll and sit and stand holding onto things or up against things.  She can now also push herself up on all fours (and gets SUPER excited when she does!...though most of the time I do it for her) and she holds herself up for about 1-2 minutes!  She used to get mad when I'd put her up on all fours, but now absolutely loves it, she loves to rock back and forth while up there, but if she wants something in front of her she doesn't know how to move forward, she dives for it still! Daddy is trying to teach her how to crawl, I'm afraid that I'd have to predict that she'll be crawling in about a month!  Time for better baby-proofing! :)

OTHER:  She dances now whenever she's sitting and hears music she likes!!!  Sooo precious!  She rocks back and forth and really gets into it, lol!  It could not have possibly been any funnier the other day when both Haven and Venily were dancing in the living room to Ke$ha, oh my gosh, if only I had gotten it on video... cutest thing ever! (and fyi- look out world, Venily has some new dance moves as well to add to her awesome elbow moves, haha!  She really likes to move her hips now!)  I ♥ my kids! :)



Haven's LIKES:
* Smiling! ♥

* Waking up in the morning!  Haven's smiling face is the best thing ever to wake up to!

*Finger foods


* Showing me her "tricks"!

* Trying to suck on my hair, she gets obsessed with it when she's tired!

* Other babies and kids

*Anything and everything she's not supposed to have! :) Especially PAPERS!!!


* Being sick or in pain! :(

HAVEN/ VENILY COMPARISON: (Venily's 7 month Update)

Pics: Venily at 7 months!  Oh how my heart hurts looking at these pics!

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  1. Umm ya, I'd say Venily looks like the Young side for sure! Looking at pics of Haven then a pic of Venily out of nowhere is really weird!