Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Doctor Appointment- Haven

I decided to take Haven into the doctor today!  She's had a low grade fever on and off since last Wednesday and got up to 102.1 this morning, and has been uncharacteristically fussy so I wanted to see what was going on!  She had shots last Tuesday and has been teething like crazy and her one tooth finally popped through today so I kept deciding to wait on bringing her in.  I knew she had an ear infection though!!  And she did.  On the left side and the right was a little red as well!  Hmmm.... her last ear infection was just a little over a month ago!  I am NOT liking this trend, Venily NEVER got ear infections!!!  I hope Haven isn't one of those kids, lol!  My nephew Chase had to have tubes in his ears, I'm really hoping it never comes to that!

The nurse practitioner (Haven's dr. was on vacation) put her on a different antibiotic than last time, CEFDINIR (never heard of it...),  since she was on the high dosage of Amoxicillin last time and that was only a month ago!  I hope that does the trick!

And Haven weighed in at 20 POUNDS, 2 OUNCES!!! LOL!  I knew she was going through a growth spurt!  Her last doctor appointment was exactly one week ago and she was 19lbs, 1 oz at that appointment, haha!  Yikes!  No wonder my shoulders and back hurt from her making me carry her all day (including the entire time grocery shopping)!!

The good thing is that she's not contagious, so if she's feeling better hopefully we can make it to our Building Blocks class tomorrow!!

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  1. I hope its just a fluke, and the teeth caused it. Having to deal with ear infections, especially re-occurring ones are terrible!!