Friday, April 2, 2010

A day in the life of Haven Araya (6 months)

Okay, I don't know how typical this day was, but since I wrote everything down, I'll share it anyway!  She had just gotten shots the day before and is teething so it's a little off!  Also, she usually always has lunch around noon, but we were out of the house and then she took an extra long nap so she ended up having a later "dinner" as well as her regular dinner and ended up staying up later than usual!
(At 6 months old) 

8:00 pm - nursed
8:05 pm-6:30 am - SLEEP! (10 hours, 25 min) {Venily woke up at 6am, Daddy got a phone call at 6:20}
6:30 am-6:50 am - Haven plays happily in her crib, talking away!  I LOVE how happy she wakes up!
6:50 am - I can't take it anymore, she's too dang cute and I miss her like crazy so I get her out of her crib! :)
  •  change diaper (wet)
6:55 am - Nursed
7:00ish am- 7:30 am - Independent play on the floor
7:30 am - Breakfast!
  • finger foods- chopped up bananas and Cheerios
  • baby food- not quite a 1/2 jar of 2nd stage Green Beans (she is fighting her baby food more and more and just wants finger foods!  I have to sneak in bites of baby food in her mouth while she's eating her finger foods!)
7:50 am - play time with Mommy ♥ (spit up once)
8:20 am- 8:30am - In Excersaucer while Mommy takes a shower
8:30 am- Grandma comes over and plays with her while Mommy finishes getting ready!  YAY!
8:45 am - changed diaper (BM)
(uncharacteristically fussy, tired but won't take a nap...I suspect it's the teeth!)
9:00-10:40 am - Tylenol and Nap (1 hour, 40min) (had to wake her up so we could leave for Building Blocks!  I hate having to wake her up!)
10:40 am- 12:40pm - Went to Building Blocks class (11:00-11:45), went to Kmart (b/c I promised Venily yesterday we would, lol) and drove home.  Slept in car during the 15min car ride home!
12:40 pm - Home, nursed
12:55 pm- 4:15pm - Nap (3hrs, 20min)

  • changed diaper (wet)
4:20 pm - Play outside
5:05 pm - Dinner
  • finger foods- pasta, green beans, peaches
  • baby food- 1/2 jar of 2nd Green beans
5:30 pm - Bath
5:45 pm - Nursed
5:50 pm- 6:50pm - Nap (1 hour)
6:50 pm- 7:30pm - Play on floor (spit up once)
7:30 pm - Books and songs for Venily's bedtime
7:45 pm - Eat
  • finger foods- sweet potato puffs
  • baby food- rice cereal
8:00 pm- 8:45 - Hang out with Mommy and Daddy
8:45 pm - Changed diaper (wet)
9:00 pm - Nursed and Tylenol
9:15 pm- 6:30am - Sleep (9.5 hours)

Which means that in 24 hours...
* She slept for 16hrs, 35 min!!
* I changed 4 diapers (3 wet, 1 BM)!
* I nursed her 4 times (and a 5th time before bed, but that was a little over the 24hr mark...)!  And she had 3 solid food meals
* And she only spit up twice! :)

24 hour stats at 3.5 months old!:
* She slept for 14hrs, 50 min!!
* I changed 7 diapers (3 wet, 3 BM, and 1 both)!
* I fed her 9 times
* And I didn't count how many times she spit up!  Probably about 10 times or so!  It's so much a part of my life it barely phases me anymore, haha!

24 hour stats at 2.5 months old!:
* She slept for 16hrs, 10 min!!
* I changed 8 diapers (4 wet, 2 BM, and 2 both)!
* I fed her 11 times! (she usually only takes one side at a time, only a few times of those did she take both sides)
* And she only spit up twice!! Both times while laying in her bassinet and both times after not burping well after a feeding!! :)

Wow, it's crazy how much things have changed in the last couple of months, lol!  And weird that she actually sleeps more now than she did before!!  It's nice changing less diapers and nursing her less though!  Venily was very different from Haven at this age.  I think she nursed a lot more (she was an every 2 hours kind of eater) and I changed a TON more diapers, which continued until she was potty trained!  She used to poop a million times a day though and still will poop a couple of times a day on the toilet now!

AND THE WATCH IS ON NOW FOR HAVEN'S BOTTOM TOOTH TO POP THROUGH, I think it's very close!  My poor little girl!  It's right there.  She's doing pretty good though.  Running a mild fever today, 99.5-99.9 degrees.  I'm giving her Tylenol, baby Orajel, and plenty of things to bite on to make her happy!

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