Friday, April 30, 2010

New word!

Haven said "duck" a bunch of times today while in the bath!  She's super obsessed with the water faucet-cover duck!!  I took a video of her saying it after she got out of the bath, but I'm not sure if you can really tell by the video! :)  I'll have to see if she continues to say it tomorrow!

Also, tomorrow is the 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of Haven's ultrasound!!  Seriously?!  I was that pregnant this time last year?!  I don't even remember it!  I've been pregnant for half of the last 3 years and I can hardly remember it at all, like I just dreamt the whole thing!  I want to be pregnant again BADLY!!  Jason has yet to budge whatsoever though, he's still set on adopting our third and demands I get rid of all of our baby stuff, so I am very sadly getting all the stuff together for a garage sale! :(  I can always get new stuff if he changes his mind, right? ;)

I remember how excited I was for Haven's ultrasound and how ABSOLUTELY sure I was that she was a girl!  I am so very happy that she indeed turned out to be one! :)  I love, love, LOVE my girls!!!!!  ♥


  1. If I were you, I'd secretly rent a storage shed for all the baby stuff and not tell Jason! Then when you "accidentally" get pregnant again, you'll magically have all your stuff! HAHA! =P

  2. Yes you can buy all new stuff - that's what WE did! lol! Gairod said no more babies, so I got rid of all of the triplets stuff, and then he changed his mind, so I had to buy all new stuff for Sage!! lol!
    Won't you need the stuff even if you adopt? Or are you looking at adopting an older child?

  3. Lol, the biggest problem is that we don't have any money, so renting secret storage sheds (lol) and buying new stuff would not be possible! I am afraid that if I were ever to change his mind he'd be like "well, we don't have the money to buy all the baby stuff", though I know that is just a dream that that would ever even happen, he is crazy adamant about NO more babies! :(

    He wants to adopt an older (I think 3-5yr old) boy, so no, we wouldn't need any of that stuff! And I'm excited about adopting, I just don't actually think it'll ever happen BECAUSE it's so expensive and time-consuming! Plus I LOVE babies and when I get my next child, I don't want to miss out on the baby stage!!!!!