Wednesday, April 14, 2010

So, I'm most likely delusional but...

Haven says "Mama" to me all the time!  ♥  I woke up this morning, looked at her and she gave me a giant smile and said "MAMA!"  (and my heart nearly exploded with love for her!)  Now, I know that she may just be imitating words that she hears and doesn't have the word/ object association yet, but it still makes me just as happy!  Venily was a "Dada's" girl and called both of us "Dada" for a while, so I'm extra happy that Haven likes to say "Mama"!  I've also convinced myself that she says "ball".  She LOVES playing with balls and says the word all the time, but again I don't know if she associates the word with the object or not.  Either way, I love listening to her talk!  ♥

I do know that she understands some words though, which is just absolutely amazing to me!  I can say the word "hi" and she knows to start waving and I can tell her to clap and she knows to start clapping (without me showing her the motions first)!  I just LOVE babies and children and watching them learn things!!!!

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