Saturday, April 10, 2010

6 1/2 Months!

With every update, it truly gets harder to write the number!! :(  I'm going to lose it at the end of this month!

Haven is doing great!!  Oh man was it a rough couple of days, my poor little baby was not happy AT ALL!  She wanted me to hold her ALL the time and she developed an angry monster voice that she was doing all the time, had me scared that there was a demon inside of her! :)  Haha!  She is back to normal now and smiley and happy!  And I am even more grateful that I do not have a needy baby... I love my giant Haven smiles so very much!  But I did enjoy all the cuddling!  ♥  Even if it meant I had to cuddle her up to sleep at 4 in the morning!  Her sweet little breathing and soft little body on my chest just reminded me that she's not going to be a baby much longer, so I enjoyed it as much as I could!  And took naps with her in the afternoon to offset the lack of sleep! :) 

Her second tooth hasn't popped all the way through yet and is really swollen, but the antibiotics must be working for her ear infection because she is MUCH happier now!

For the last like 3 weeks straight she was sleeping through the night again every night until the last couple of nights! :(  Hopefully when she is all better she will go back to sleeping through the night again!

Haven has been clapping a lot lately and giving lots of 'high fives'!  They're her current favorite "tricks"! ♥

She is still preferring finger foods over any other foods.  I am still slipping in baby food bites while she is eating her finger foods, but I doubt she will keep letting me do this too much longer!  She continues to eat lots of new foods and so far likes everything.  We have tried some 3rd stage foods now as well. Haven tried juice now and likes it, though she never drinks much at any given time.  I've stopped pumping and giving her milk in her sippy cup because it's a lot of work.  She is still nursing though, so I'm not worried about it!
She has been testing out her new tooth on things and it is very sharp!  So far she has not bitten me while nursing though, so I'm hoping she won't!  I cringe thinking about Venily's first teeth, haha!  I brush her tooth and gums twice a day and it's her favorite part of the day!!

While not feeling well she also developed a new comfort habit!  She has fallen in love with my hair and wants to suck on it!  I won't let her but that doesn't stop her from trying every 2 seconds!  My hair ends up completely soaked in drool, lol!  If it's down she is very gentle with it and likes to have it against her face, but if it's up in a ponytail, she tries to rip it out to get to it, lol!

Apparently Haven is now in size 3 shoes, I'm not sure when that happened.  I just tried some on her the other day.  She has so many shoes and I never put them on her, so I decided maybe every once in a while I would!

She has started to show some interest in army-crawling!  Several times yesterday I saw her move forward on her elbows, put her butt up in the air and then slide forward!!  I tried to get it on video, but she wouldn't do it for me (plus whenever I take my camera out, Venily becomes very distracting, lol)!  She is not consistent with it at all though and other times goes back to bobbing up and down and rolling side to side when she wants to go forward!  I hope I still have some time! :)

WE'RE GOING TO THE MILWAUKEE ZOO TODAY!!!!  It's not Haven's first trip to the zoo, but it's her first trip in a while!  The last time she was still bitty and slept the whole time, so I'm really excited to bring her!  I know she's going to really like it!  And the last time we went to the Milwaukee zoo I was still pregnant with her! :)

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