Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Check out this sass!

I was looking around my kitchen this morning for something to eat and I said "Man, I'm so hungry!"

And Venily says "Then make a fricken' pizza, Jennifer!"

Hmmmm.... LOL!  The funny thing is that Jason doesn't talk to me like that at all, unless maybe he's joking... that's the only thing I can think that she got it from!?  I should really carry around a pencil and notebook and write down all the hilarious things she says all day long!  And she loves to call us by our real names and every time she does, it honestly breaks my heart!  And FYI- she's not allowed to say "fricken"!


Later on I said "I'm losing it!" while trying to hold a fussy Haven and bathe Venily.

Venily says, "What are you losing Mommy?"
Me: "My mind!"
Venily: "Don't worry, I'll give it back to you!"

HAHAHA!  If only it was that easy! ;)

Haven on the other hand is my little sweetie!  She's starting to say more and more real words with her babbling! :)  A week ago I was sick and laying on the couch while Jason was feeding Haven her baby food (NOTE- This NEVER happens, lol!).  He didn't give her her own spoon so she was getting mad at him!  When he was done, he gave her the spoon and she got SOOOOO excited!!  She gave him the biggest smile ever and said as clear as day "THANK YOU!".  HAHAHA!  Jason and I looked at each other and bust out laughing! :)  She also loves to say "Mama!", especially when she's upset! :)

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  1. LOL! Kids are so funny! One day Gairod said he was going to "jump in the shower", and Kadance said "Don't jump Daddy, you'll hurt your legs!" It was TOO funny! :)