Tuesday, April 13, 2010

♥ ♥ Venily is 2 1/2!!! ♥ ♥

Happy 1/2 birthday to my little Venily Autumn Young!!!  Wow, 2.5 years old already!!  I'm a big fan of half birthdays, lol! :)

How big am I?

Weight: 29.4 lbs (lol, I used your digital scale Jacki!)
Height: 37.5 inches
Shirt size: 3T/4T, she wears some 5's and 2's as well, depending on the shirt
Pant size: 3T (with adjustable waistband), 2T without (but too short)
Shoe size: 8
Underwear size: 2T

About Venily...

Jason and I are always joking around that she is like one of those sour patch kids on the commercial!  Yes, she can be naughty.  She likes to test boundaries.  She likes to push limits.  It's the "two" in her!  But she is also INCREDIBLY loving!!  She is always saying that she loves us so much!  She is always giving us kisses and hugs for no reason.  She is almost always super polite!  She has the most amazing relationship with her sister that I thought at best wouldn't come about until a few years from now!  But she loves her absolutely and unconditionally!  When Venily leaves with her Dad to go to the store or something I always hear about how Venily says "I really miss Haven!"  LOL!  And she'll come running in the house asking where Haven is!  And every morning and after every nap she always greets Haven with a very enthusiastic "GOOD MORNING HAVEN!!!" and Haven always gives her patented giant-dimpled smile when she sees or hears her sister!  ♥ Seeing those two together makes me so very happy!!!  We couldn't have asked for a better pair of children, they fit together so perfectly!

Venily is soooo funny!  Intentionally and not!  If I had to say my favorite thing about having a 2 year old, it would be that I have a constant source of entertainment all day long!  The things she says, the things she does, the questions she asks, the ways she does things, has me seriously laughing all day long!  A lot of times when she does things wrong, it's really difficult to discipline her without smiling!

Venily is very smart!  I am always amazed at the things she picks up on and learns at such a young age!  I see an incredibly bright future for her!  Just the other day Jason was playing with her while I was taking a shower and he knocks on the door and says, "Come here!  I HAVE to show you this!" and I see Venily sitting in front of our laptop. In just 5 minutes Jason had taught how to use the computer!  She was maneuvering the mouse pad, double clicking on things, typed in "zoo animals" by herself, and was picking out which pictures she wanted to click on to see bigger.  And then clicking the back button to see more pictures!!  Crazy!  She also knows how to go on Jason's phone (FYI- the only thing I know how to do on his phone is answer it when it rings, and that took me a while to figure out, lol) go to the videos, look at his pictures, go to the drawing application and draw a picture, go to the songs and listen to music, change the song, etc!

She is starting to break from her shyness a bit!  There was a drywall guy that came to our house a month ago and she was talking to him, showing him all of her toys, etc. which is not something she would have done before.  We also go to the park a lot and I'm always so proud of her!  Even if all the other kids are older, she will walk right up to them and play with them just the same!  She makes friends so easily and will just walk right up to other kids and start playing! :)  It makes me soooo happy!  ♥ ♥ ♥  And she really likes other adults as well.  One day she was talking to an older man whose grandchildren she was playing with and even came up to me and said "Mom, I'm going to have Grandpa blow bubbles for me", grabbed her bubbles and brought them over to him.  LOL!


And an EXCLUSIVE interview with my now officially 2 1/2 year old, taken today! :)

How old are you? "6"

No, how old are you? "2 1/2"

What is your favorite song?  "London Bridge's falling down.  Falling down.  Falling down. London bridge's falling down, my fair lady!"

What's your favorite song on the radio? "London bride's falling down!"
(it's actually anything Lady Gaga, "Use Somebody", "All the Single Ladies", and a few others)

What's your favorite color? "Blue!" (It's always been blue!  It's been blue since she learned her colors a year ago, lol!  I think that it's amazing that she has the ability to evaluate something like that and pick which one she likes, because gosh knows I've gone overboard on the pink since the day she was born so it wasn't me pushing her towards blue at all!)

What's your favorite animal?  "blue"

Blue what? "Blue animals"

Okay.  What's your favorite animal at the zoo? "Giraffes.  I love giraffes!"

What's your favorite thing to eat? "Candy! Can I have a piece of candy?"

What's your favorite thing to do? "Play with toys"

Who's your best friend? "Aubrey" (her friend from her classes/ playgroup, etc)

What's your favorite store to go to? "Target" (lol, that's my girl!)

What's your favorite TV show? "iCarly" (she also likes Little Einsteins and Dora, that's all I let her watch.  
Also, she has no real interest in movies.  She has yet to sit through a whole movie!)

What's your favorite letter?  "(runs over to her letters and points) T!"

Who do you love more, Mommy or Daddy? "Haven.  I love Haven!" (LOL! Fair enough...)

What don't you like to eat? "I like to eat granola bars." (as she's eating one)

But what don't you like? "Shells"

Shells? "No, brown stuff.  Brown stuff is icky to eat." (Umm, okay...?! haha)

What does Daddy to at work?  "Ummm.... Plays stuff.  He plays stuff at work."

Like what? "Drums!" (LOL, she usually says that he drives big machines (which he does, as well as live concert audio)"

What does Mommy do at work?  "..(no response)..."

Does Mommy go to work?  "yes"

What do I do?  "Go to doctor appointments!"  (LOL, yes I do, among many, many other things! :) )


Other favorite things she likes to do:
*Any kind of craft project!  She is always drawing, painting, gluing, cutting, something! lol
*Going to story time and her classes
*Playing outside, especially at parks and down by our lake
*Reading books
*Crazy dancing

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