Thursday, April 29, 2010


So, this is going to get really old, but I like to keep a record of it! :)

Haven stood for 15 seconds today all by herself in the middle of the room!  Yesterday it was 5, today 15.  I looked over at Jason while she was doing it and his mouth was wide open, haha!  I bet she could go even longer with shoes on!

Venily started walking as soon as she turned 10 months.  I predict Haven will be walking at 10 months as well... it's so fun to see her progress!  She's made some small progress towards crawling as well, moving herself forward while diving for things in her crawl stance! :)  Though I'm sure it'll be a few more weeks before I'm in any real danger.  I'm already making a list of all the safety things I need to do though and how I'm going to arrange my living room, what things need to be put away, etc!  Having 2 kids is going to be a whole new game, I'm kind of, so far I've been really lucky...

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