Friday, April 23, 2010

It's always something!

My princesses have fevers!  Venily's started last night and was almost 104 this morning.  And Haven's started this morning and was up to 101.3.  They were both very happy all day today, though, so it was hard to even tell they were sick!  I wouldn't have even known that Venily was sick last night except that Jason kissed Venily's head and said she felt hot!  I've been giving them Ibuprofen all day today, I'm hoping they feel better tomorrow!  They don't have any other symptoms, just the fevers, but Haven just ended her antibiotics last Friday (a week ago from today) so it bothers me that she got sick at all!  I am really hoping it doesn't affect her ears at all.  She has a follow up appointment on Tuesday to have her ears checked again, my fingers are crossed because I HATE having her on antibiotics!

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