Friday, October 30, 2009

Would love some answers soon...

Day 3 of my zero dairy diet is going fine. I am Exhausted and have have had a headache for the last 3 days straight, but I am not thinking that the 2 things are related. It's probably just chocolate withdrawals, lol, I can't even remember the last time I went a day without any!

Haven doesn't appear to be doing any better. She still has green, mucousy poop, still spitting up 10-12 times a day, still has pretty bad eczema that is all over her face, shoulders, and the top of her chest and back, and is running a 100 degree fever today so I am waiting on a call back from her pediatrician's nurse to see if I can go in and see a doctor today! She is doing great though! She doesn't ACT sick at all. I just desperately want someone to look at her, tell me exactly what is the matter and how to fix it, and then have the problem disappear (which I never got with Venily, so I'm pretty pessimistic about that!)!!!


  1. Didn't go to the doctor. They said everything sounds fine. And I had to take her temperature rectally and they only wanted to see me if it was 100.4 or higher and it wasn't. I cried when Jason got home. I feel like something is wrong with her, but maybe it's really not... maybe I'm just a typical overreactive mother?? Or I'm trying to overcompensate because of my experiences with Venily?? I don't know... I look forward to seeing her on Nov 11th for Venily's appt, but hoping she will be "better" by then!

  2. Just hang in there. It will get better! And even though it totally sucks to take so much out of your diet its still easier than mixing formula and washing bottles by 1000X!!!
    I bet your headaches are from withdrawl of the caffine in the chocolate. I got them at the beginning too although I'm not sure what from, but after they went away I felt soo much better. Probably since I wasnt eating anymore junk.
    And about the fever.. theres something going around so hopefully its not that. Kaitlyn, Landen and Matt got sick this week with fever and congestion. The fever lasted like 3 days and the congestion is still ther. Gotta love this time of year.. BLA!

  3. Oh yeah, I wouldn't even consider switching to formula! I'd do whatever it takes, I just hope this works!

    And yeah, I HATE that everyone is getting sick. Jason and I are so psycho about going anywhere! I don't think we're going to be doing storytime or library class anymore this winter, which just BREAKS MY HEART!!! And Jason made me wash my hands and use hand sanitizer THREE times while we went to Woodman's the other day, lol! I think we're going to lock ourselves in our house until Spring!