Saturday, October 31, 2009

Haven is 5 weeks!

I got her to laugh yesterday! She was smiling and smiling and smiling at me and let out a little tiny laugh one time! I love it!! I, of course, cried my eyes out, lol, I think I have some delayed postpartum hormone thing going on or something!

Her spitting up seems to be getting better. She was averaging about 10-12 times a day, yesterday it was about 6 times and today only about 3!!!!!! I am also making more of a conscious effort to keep her upright as much as possible after feedings.

Her rash, however, looks a lot worse, especially on her back! The on-call doctor yesterday wasn't concerned about it but I will definitely bring her in if it gets any worse or spreads any more! I've completely stopped using fabric softener, so maybe that will help...

She is also just BARELY fitting in her size 1 diapers now! I have about 400 "1-2" diapers that are a bit bigger and go up to 15 pounds, but I think she will outgrow them before she goes through them all! I also had to adjust her carseat straps up today. She is a big girl!

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