Saturday, October 17, 2009

Haven is 3 weeks old!!!

And social smiling as of 2 days ago!!!! :) She looks just like her sister did with her first smiles, exactly like a little Japanimation cartoon! It melts my heart like nothing else!!!! I got quite a few smiles yesterday... so, soooo, sooooooo precious!! I can't wait until she starts laughing, she's going to have so much fun laughing at her goofy sister!! ♥

This past week she is also in 3-6 month clothes now! :( She'll still fit in her onesies, but all of her 0-3m sleepers' legs are WAY too short, lol! She's all scrunched up in them and can't stretch her legs out! It's too bad because I had to pack up so much, a lot she hasn't even worn yet!

Haven has also decided this past week that laying on your back is NO fun!! It really bothers her, so I'm almost certain she has reflux! She doesn't like to sleep on her back, doesn't even like to be propped up like in her bouncer for very long, but put her on her stomach or sit her all the way up and she's the happiest girl in the world!! (Venily HATED being on her stomach!)

The other day I took Haven grocery shopping and it was quite the ordeal, lol! First of all, I went in the evening (which was a huge mistake b/c Haven likes to be held in the evenings!). As soon as I got there I fed her in the van and then we went in. She did NOT want to be in her carseat b/c she has to lay back, so she was very fussy (and just like her sister she is so not interested in pacifiers whatsoever!). I took her to the bathroom and changed her. Then I started to try to go shopping, nope, still fussy! So I went BACK in the bathroom and fed her again and thought she'd be good to go! NOPE! As soon as I started going, she was fussy again! So I held her with one hand and pushed the cart with the other THROUGH THE WHOLE STORE, lol! People thought it was funny, oh well! :) I had to kick the cart with my feet to get it to turn because it was so heavy. But she was happy, so that's all that matters! From now on I HAVE to remember to bring my baby carrier with me (she LOVES it!)!! As soon as I got all the groceries loaded in my van, I fed her again and she fell asleep and we went home! I was lucky I didn't have Venily with me as well!

She is starting to get some eczema on her face. I am trying to lotion her up now before it gets as bad as Venily's did!

I think that's all for updates! :) She really is a very easy baby, even easier than Venily was!!! She eats and sleeps great and doesn't even mind diaper changes, clothes changes or her nasal aspirator! I really thought having 2 would be SOOO much harder, but it's really not too bad at all!

Still haven't gotten around to Venily's 2 year update!!! I've been really busy getting my house and everything ready for Venily's birthday party tomorrow! There is going to be a LOT of people in my small house, lol, I hope it turns out alright!! She's really excited though and asks every day if it's her birthday party yet!! :)


  1. LOL, the grocery store drama only got worse for me. Mason outgrew his infant carseat and the carrier very early, but still couldn't sit up on his own, so I would be pushing the cart (with my feet also) while trying to help hold him upright in the front of the cart, and Carlie would have to sit in the back and she would try to open all the food packages the entire time and scream every time I said no. I would actually have to plan which things to get last so that I could avoid her trying to open them the whole bananas, lol. For a while now I either send Randy to grocery shop, or I go when the kids are in bed, OR, we all go so I can hold Mason as we walk around the store. The adventures of motherhood (-; Hope Venily has a great party!

  2. HAHAHA! I'm glad I'm not the only one! THANKS! :)

  3. Again, I LOVE reading your posts! I could have sworn Sage smiled on Friday (twice, once at me, and once at Kadance) but I thought she was too young to be smiling for "real". Now after reading about Haven (and seeing Sage smile a couple more times in the last few days), I realize that it IS for "real"! lol!

  4. Yeah, I thought Veily smiled early at 3 weeks, 2 days! But I can DEFINITELY tell that Haven is smiling now!! You just know when you're looking at them and talking and smiling and they look right at you and smile that it's for "real"!! :) I love it!!!