Saturday, October 10, 2009

Haven is 2 weeks old!!

(And 3 more days until big sister Venily turns 2!!!)

Haven is still doing great!! She really is a VERY good baby!!

*She's been getting a little fussy at night though sometimes, and does NOT like to lay flat on her back to go to sleep. She wants me to hold her, but obviously that can't happen because I need to sleep too. Last night every time I laid her down, she'd spit up all over! :( Then today she spit up A LOT one time. :( I hope this isn't the start of it!

*Otherwise she sleeps A LOT still during the day! :) But when she is awake, she's VERY alert!!

*She smiles and laughs all the time while sleeping! I LOVE it!! ♥

*She eats great too! About every 2 hours, though I'm demand feeding her. Last night I think she went 4 hours, but I very well could have forgotten a feeding, lol! I sure wish she'd go 4 hours every night! I try to take a nap every day while Venily is taking one, but sometimes that doesn't work out or I want to get things done around the house and then I regret it!

*She has her first appointment with her pediatrician on Tuesday! I can't wait to see how much she weighs now! I know she's DEFINITELY past her birth weight!

*My FAVORITE, FAVORITE, FAVORITE thing in the world is laying on the couch with her cuddled up on me!! She is so sweet and cuddly, I could sit there all day!! And she smells so good and has the softest skin. I can't stop kissing her either, I love her so much!

*Venily just loves her too! She is always talking to her, singing to her, touching her, kissing her, etc! And every time we go somewhere she always makes sure that Haven is coming with, lol. Yesterday morning she woke up and came in by me and said:

Venily: "Mommy, pee potty badly."
Me: "Okay honey, let's go."
Venily: (starts walking towards the door and then stops)"Wait a minute!"
Me: "What's wrong?"
Venily: (runs over to Haven) "We'll be right back Haven!"

Haha! She's always doing stuff like that! And she's always telling me "Mommy, Haven's fussy, get her!" or "It's OKAY Haven! What's the matter?"
. Haven is so lucky to have her as her big sister!!

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