Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This is going to suck!

After limiting my dairy for a couple of days, I started noticing a definite improvement in Haven's spitting up. Well, stupidly I ate cheese pizza last night without even thinking about it, and Haven spit up so much last night, it wasn't even funny!

I spent much of last night researching (thanks to Jacki who got me thinking about it!) and I am going to have to eliminate ALL dairy from my diet for several weeks! :( I am without a doubt, POSITIVE that Haven is sensitive to cow's milk proteins. It all adds up- the vomiting, the eczema, the constant stuffy nose, and the what I am guessing must be infant diarrhea AND having a sibling who had all of the exact same symptoms who ended up having a dairy sensitivity! Fortunately none of these things bother her very much at all and (as you can see) are in no way affecting her growth, but I will feel SOOOO much better if by doing this, all those other things clear up!!! I will probably have to eliminate soy from my diet as well but I will see if it clears up without eliminating soy first.

We are already vegetarians, so this is going to KILL me!! Possibly literally! Jacki, you are going to have to tell me everything I'm aloud to eat so I don't starve to death, lol!!! At least Jason will be happy if we have to eat spaghetti every single night! And some of my vegetarian "meat" stuff is vegan and soy-free as well, so that's good.

From what I've read I may not have to eliminate ALL sources of dairy if she is only a little sensitive to dairy proteins, but at first I'm definitely going to have to! :(

I have a good feeling about this, as much as it's going to suck! When I think about ALL the times I went to the doctor with Venily in her first 18 months for all of these problems and now it just seems soooo obvious to me that they were all related! Hmmm.... guess I will be grocery shopping today! Hoping I have the determination and ability to keep this up, it is NOT going to be easy!


  1. I'll be honest it really isnt easy at first. But once you get past the first week and figure out what you can eat its not so bad. You should buy some Vitamin D gummies. They sell them at Aurora pharmacies for sure, I dont know where else, but they're just vitamin D for adults. You take 1 or 2 a day plus your prenatel vitamin still. You can give Venily a half of one, or a whole one in the winter if shes not taking another vatamin with it in there if you want, they're really good. Spaghetti is what I lived on. Sauces may have cheese in them so read the lable. Almost all bread is fine. Peanut better and jelly sanwiches are good. veggies with a little olive oil and salt and pepper is good if they're too plain without the butter. If you like chips torilla chips and plain sunchips are okay, and you can have salsa. Fruit is good abviously. If you want a dessert you could make jello with non dairy whipped cream. Salads are good with Western dressing if you like it. Almost all junk food has milk in it. Reading the lables is the most important. Almost everything will have an allergy warning at the bottom and will say if it has milk or soy in it. Some stuff doesnt say it so just watch out for words with lacto in them. Do you like dark chocolate? Woodmans will be your best friend since they have the Vegan section. Anything from there will be fine. Maybe you should scedule an apointment with the dietician at Aurora. I'm sure she could help you a ton since it will be a little harder since you're vegitarian as well. I dont know if you'll have to take other supliments but the Vatamin D is really important. Good luck!

  2. Thanks Jacki!!! We went to Woodman's last night and spent $180 on food. :(

    I had NASTY dairy-free waffles this morning! Mmmmm, lol!

    Unfortunately, Haven spit up about 11 times yesterday (including one projectile time that COMPLETELY drenched me and went through 3 layers of my clothes!) and has already spit up about 3 times today, though nothing too bad. :( I'm hoping to see some improvement soon!