Thursday, October 8, 2009

First Bath!

*Haven is 12 days old!
*Venily will be 2 in 5 days!

Haven got her first bath today. I've been putting it off because Venily HATED baths for so long. Haven did surprisingly well though! The first thing she did was pee and then poop ALL over the place though, lol! But during her bath she seemed to like it until she started to get a little cold. Then she was instantly happy again when she was dry and warm! :) Venily helped me, she's such a helpful little 2nd Mommy!!!

Haven is SUCH a good baby. I think she cries AT MOST about a minute a day cumulative! :) Most days she doesn't cry at all. And if she starts to get fussy and you pick her up, she's instantly content again!! She is so laid back!


  1. She honestly looks at least 3 months old in those bath pictures!! And shes so alert with her eyes wide open. I'm sad, shes already growing up too fast :(

  2. I know! I'm going to have to trick Jason into getting pregnant again, LOL!!!

    There was a 4 month old at Venily's class the other day that was smaller than Haven!!!