Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Venily- 2 Year Update!!

I'm 2 Years Old!!!

How big am I?

Weight: 25 lbs
Height: 35 inches
Shirt size: 18m/24m
Pant size: 18m (waist)/ 24m or 2T (length)
Shoe size: 7 or 8
Underwear size: 2T

What can I do?

Sing the A,B,C's
Count to 15 (and most of the way to 20)
Spell my name
Spell my sister's name
Tell you my phone #
Sing the 7 days of the week
Identify about 7 shapes
Identify all of my colors
Draw a circle and a straight line
"Write" my name and my sister's name (in scribbles)
Put on my own shoes, Pull up my own underwear and pants, Put on my own jacket (though sometimes backwards), Sometimes put on my own shirt
Take off most of my own clothes (which I LOVE to do and do often!)
Sing hundreds of different nursery rhymes and songs
Finally get to sleep on my own the last 2 months (for nap and at night)
Identify all body parts
Know and remembers everyone's names and talk about people even if I haven't seen them in months
Know all the animals and what sounds they make
Say any word, speaks clearly and speak in sentences. (though my l's still sound like w's)
Forward rolls, gallop, jump...
And lots more!! :)

My favorites:

Foods: pasta, any kind of fruit, cheese, eggs, corn, chocolate
People: Daddy, Haven, Mommy, other people in my family
Song: LOTS! Kid songs- "Happy Birthday", "Little Bunny Foo-Foo", Other songs- "Use Somebody" and still anything by Lady Gaga
Color: Blue
Book: (changes all the time) She really likes this lunch time book she has though and any new book that she gets
TV Show: I just started letting her watch Seseme Street last week in the mornings after not letting her watch cartoons so I can lay in bed a little bit longer, lol. I felt bad that she started to ask if she could watch "Conan O'Brien" or "Jay Leno", haha.
Character: Edward Scissorhands
Activities: drawing, painting, going for walks, cooking with Mommy, taking baths with Haven, anything outside, reading books
Toys: Her little kitchen, books, babies

Things I do NOT like

*Scary Halloween decorations
*Closed spaces (I just figured out that she's quite claustrophobic! She hates having her door closed too.)
*Getting my face washed
*Time outs!!
*Being in unfamiliar settings with lots of people I don't know
*The fact that Daddy has to go to work

Silly Venily Sayings

*"More Again". She wants to do everything "more again." Like "Mommy, eat lunch more again?"
*"All day (night) long".
*"All the time." The other day she even told me... "Mommy, I love you all the time!" :)
*"Venily likes tacos... Mmmm, Mmmm tacos!" (from one of her library classes) The name and item changes all the time! :)
*She also likes to say "Mommy, I miss you!" as she comes up to me and gives me a hug and kiss... even if I've been with her ALL day long, lol! I LOVE being loved! :)


*I usually wake up around 6:30/7:00am
*I take a nap at around 12:00pm that lasts 1-2 hours
*I go to bed at 8:00pm (but still wake up usually at least once a night to pee on the potty and try to convince my parents to sing me more songs!)

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