Monday, October 26, 2009

Haven is 1 month old!!

(Pics taken today)

Fastest month that has gone by EVER!!! Oh my gosh!!

Here are her 1 month stats:

Weight: about 13 pounds (weighing her myself is hard though!)
Length: 23.5 inches
(If these are correct, she's still above the 95th percentile for both! BIG GIRL!)

Clothes size: Still wearing 3-6m clothes (thank goodness!) but they are JUST fitting her! She will be in 6-9m before I know it!

Diaper size: 1

She is still sleeping A LOT! Eating a lot also! :) I pumped for the first time a couple of days ago and got 4oz out of one side. I haven't tried a bottle yet because there really is no need to, but I will try it soon! Haven eats about every 2 hours still (though sometimes every hour) and about every 3 hours at night. She doesn't give me any problems at night, thankfully!, and eats and goes right back to sleep! Venily spent the night at her grandma's last night and Haven let me sleep for 12 hours! She's such a sweetheart! If only I could get Venily to sleep in in the mornings, I would be set!

Haven is officially a spitter-upper!! Every single day and night, several times a day, just like her big sister!! Even with all of my efforts to make it better, nothing works! I'm really hoping we can start her on some medication for reflux at her 2 month well-check (Dec 3rd)! Especially since it still bothers her to be on her back! I'm really hoping to make things better this time!

Unlike her sister, however, Haven LOVES baths!!! I'm so excited! I bathe them both together, it's so fun! I really feel like a mom of 2 when I do it, lol!

Haven is still very laid back and hardly ever cries. When she does, as soon as you pick her up she is happy again, so I feel VERY lucky! She is usually pretty happy and smiles A LOT, every day, especially in the mornings and in the middle of the night! I love it when I am nursing her and I start smiling and talking to her and she smiles back at me. First her eyes get happy and then she has to stop drinking so she can smile, lol! Nothing could make me happier!! :)

This past week she has started sucking on her knuckles and fingers when she is hungry! It's really cute! She acts like she has found something REALLY exciting when she gets it in her mouth, haha!

She also likes to grab onto anything within her reach. If she gets a hold of my hair, she hangs on for dear life! :) Venily loves when Haven holds onto one of her fingers!

I think Haven's temperature runs hot like her Daddy! I can't dress her very warmly at all or she'll get hot and sweaty and start running a fever. I had a hat on her the other day in the van and when I took it off her head was just drenched it sweat! I can't put blankets on her at night either. It's hard because I'm the exact opposite so I always want to bundle her up because I'm always cold and I can't.

I decided that I WANT ANOTHER BABY!!! Like BADLY!!! I smell Haven's delicious little head and kiss her soft little cheeks and look at her tiny little dimples when she smiles and hold her warm little body and listen to her little content breathing and I can't imagine this being the last time I get to do that (p.s. I'm totally crying right now, lol). I remember waiting for the doctor to come so that I could push Haven out and thinking "wow, this is the first time I actually feel like 2 is enough children for me." However, about 5 minutes after she was out I starting think "well, that wasn't so bad... maybe one more, lol!". I just wish I could convince Jason. He still says ABSOLUTELY NOT! :( He's really excited for the next stage, when they are both really independent and we can get out and do a lot with them...

I am trying to enjoy every ounce of Haven that I can in case she is my last baby, but it is just going too darn fast!

At one month postpartum I fell FANTASTIC, completely back to normal! I can't wait for my 6 week check-up so I can get the all-clear to start working out again! I would love to start going back to yoga too if I could get Haven to like that idea! (I'm probably going to wait until my sister is home on winter break to attempt that though!) I weighed myself again this morning while weighing Haven and am down to 122lbs. I don't know how to stop losing weight, I eat so much crap it's not even funny!

Here are my 1 month postpartum pics! I look pretty much back to normal except for the stupid Linea Negra that only is visible AFTER I give birth. It took a couple of months to get rid of it with Venily though...


  1. Just so you know, my husband said ABSOLUTELY NO more kids after we had the triplets, and I managed to convince him to let me have one more, so it is possible!! :) Good luck!!

    You look amazing!! I WISH I could lose weight so easily - I struggle so much to lose anything while I am nursing :(

  2. Yeah, I am hoping that I will be able to convince my husband, but it will be a long shot! I don't think I will ever feel like I have enough kids though! lol

    I'm sorry you are having so much trouble with the weight, but it has ONLY been a month, so DON'T get too hard on yourself!! It took 9 months to gain it all!

  3. Did you completely take milk out of your diet to try to help the spitting up? It takes 2 weeks to be completely out.

  4. No, I didn't! My pediatrician just said to try cutting back on it and see if there was any improvement. And we ran out of milk yesterday so I didn't have any today either and I think there is a definite improvement! I guess I will be trying it for a few more weeks. My fingers are crossed that this solves it, though I don't look forward to buying Soy Milk or Lactaid again!