Friday, August 31, 2012

Meet and Greet and FOUR more days!!!!!

Last night we had Venily's "Meet and Greet" at her school.  We got to meet her Kindergarten teacher for the first time, see the room, drop off supplies, sign up for parent/teacher conferences, etc.  Even though Venily had Mrs. Jacobs for summer school last year, Jason and I hadn't met her yet.  We also met the Computer teacher who recognized Venily and was telling us how much he liked her! :)  Mrs. Jacobs seems really nice.  However, as we were walking out Jason ran into his friend who also has a kindergartener and he asked him what teacher our child had. When Jason said her name, he said "Go change teachers right away... trust me!"  This is the very LAST thing I needed to hear!  He went on to say that she's really strict and not a good teacher (his older son had her a different year).  But I have also heard that she's a really good teacher.  So, who knows!

All last night I had tons of nightmares about the girls going to school- teachers being mean to them, me not being able to pick them up on time, forgetting things, etc.  I tried to tell Jason about it and, of course, just ended up crying my eyes out.  I am such a wreck!  I really hope it all goes a lot better than I've been dreading!

On a positive note, I signed BOTH girls up for dance class this fall!!!!  They are both really excited!  I was just going to sign Haven up (since Venily has already taken the class several times), but then Venily would have to come with anyway and watch since Jason has class during that time, so we decided to just send them both!  Their first class is in about 3 weeks! :)


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